Tuesday, January 5, 2010

more tweets follow

SophieEB - in studio with dimitri tikovi and ed harcourt and live strings. sounds so delightful. great start to 2010.

JordanJayBlue - @SophieEB - just emailed you new mix! x
SophieEB - @JordanJayBlue - thanks will have to listen to it later after studio session. it's sounding great here. x

Okay i honestly have no idea about whats going on, but all those tweets got me insanely excited. i'm on board, whatever you're doing Sophie. I'm so on board!

Oh and Fascination have listed "Bittersweet" on their playlist, which means that is the official title.

Now excuse me while i go scream around and rejoice this bit of news

*yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! wooooo-hooooooooooooo*


TheWV said...

I rmemeber some weeks ago when there was no news... and today everytime i seek i find something new...

i just wanna hear the track

TheWV said...

out early april, heading to radio early february.

check out twitter



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