Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Junior Caldera will release the single, remixes will be out soon

I wrote to Junior Caldera about his single, and this was his response:
Hey Kaushik,
Yes I remember you ;o)
I don't know yet if there will be a video for the moment.
Remixes have been released,I'll put them on myspace soon!!!
All the best.

I really hope we get a video for the song. Looking forward to the remixes. Stay tuned to his MySpace

Can't Fight This Feeling has been mixed by Soundshakerz and Avicii. There's a little quote on Sophie-Online, which i would want to post here as well:

"As DJ, who hasnever played at lease once Groovejet or Murder On The
Dancefloor? - Junior Caldera wonders. 'I adore Sophie because her voice is
singular and she's an important person. She's funny, educated and charismatic,
so British! I was surprised that she immediately accepted to collaborate with me
to tmake Can't Fight This Feeling and it's really a pleasure to have her as a
guest on my album'


Anonymous said...

love you Kau for posting some "new" news... it's really getting boring and am starting to feel all the hype is gone!
no news whatsoever about the new single at least?!!! isnt it supposed to be released early february??!! arent we at the end of january and yet no demo to hear, no lyrics to read?!!! Promotion seems to be out of their dictionnaries!

kaushik said...

actually Eden, its just the radio premeire in Feb. Which means we'll have the song on the radio in Feb, and the video probably in March, the single in April. Its a slower process than you're imagining. The Junior Caldera single is a good thing that is happening. He will release the single physically. And Sophie will promote the song if it does well. I suppose her newer performances will be something like this:
1. Bittersweet
2. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
3. Can't Fight This Feeling
4. Murder On The Dancefloor
5. Groovejet
(if she does a few gigs, i'm guessing Meribel will be like this)

Anonymous said...

What a joke i love sophie's music but i think she's going to flop taking far too long!



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