Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little article from The Daily Record - Sophie talks about working with Calvin Harris


SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR did a Cilla Black impersonation as Gary Barlow showed off magic tricks on Take That's Beautiful World tour.

Sophie revealed the high jinx she had with the man band as she partied after the Scottish Style Awards in Glasgow's Fruitmarket this weekend.

Following her on-stage stint with cohosts Kelly Cooper Barr and the Razz's own Bev Lyons, Sophie explained that the last time she visited Scotland was during the Take That tour two years ago.

She said:"It was brilliant and I stayed at the same hotel I'm in at the moment so I have lots of memories of Malmaison and the parties we had there."

"Take That throw a fantastic party. We had a brilliant end-of-tour one and my favourite was in the middle when everybody had to come and do a turn."

"Gary and his wife did a magic show and were very good. He did the whole sawing a lady in half thing. My band and I did a Blind Date panto with all different characters and I was Cilla Black."

"I can't really do a good impression of her but we were the last ones on out of 13 acts and it was quite odd. Everybody had turns - the dancers, the string section, and it was all quite ordered."

Sophie, who has spent the last two years songwriting for her fourth album, having a baby, moving house and having a single with the Freemasons insists that she can't wait to release it.

Having worked with Calvin Harris on the disc she reckons that it's her clubbiest yet. She said: "This is a mammoth album. I just don't make quick ones. It's taken me the best part of two years and I'm so pleased with it."

"I keep busy and always write loads and loads of material before taking the best of it. This album is clubby and working with Calvin was great fun."

"There's nothing I can repeat but he is very funny - we had quite a funny time with a track by another singer. There were some bad lyrics and he took the mickey He is lovely, bright and funny - and very talented."

Sophie's first foray into compering this weekend was nerve-wracking and she's not sure if she'll be following her Blue Peter presenter mum Janet Elis into that field just yet. She said: "My mum is a great presenter and I know there is more to it than their looks - which is why I have a lot of respect for her.

"It's not something I see myself doing full-time but it's nice to be asked to do this and saying no because you're a bit scared of it is a really bad reason to say no. I have a lot of respect for presenters but singing is more of a comfort zone for me and it uses a different part of my brain."

Sophie presented a gong at the recent Q awards and singing at the beginning of the awards on Saturday night helped to calm her nerves.

She said: "I was okay after I got here and saw the Fruitmarket and imagined people in it. And singing at the beginning is so relaxing and soothing."

Don't you just love how she refers to this album as a "mammoth album". Got me all exicted again. Can't wait to hear the new stuff

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