Monday, November 2, 2009

2 more song titles

Sophie is on board with the "Take Me With You" crew again, and i must say i'm really happy she is working with them on another song. Its going to be a good dance track, i hope she releases it.. And the second track with "When Love Takes Over" crew! Sophie is really going to make this album one hell of a dance record. Can't wait!!! Woo-hoo! :)

1. For Love

(Douglas John Henry/Ellis-Bextor Sophie Michell/Poole Karen Ann)
2. Not Giving Up On Love
(Buuren Armin/Ellis-Bextor Sophie Michell/Nervo Miriam/Nervo Olivia Margaret)

(thanks to jenkins25 from Sophie-Online for the heads-up)

This is one expensive album. Unless Sophie gets some serious sales, she is never going to cover up for her costs.

The existing titles:
1. Calling It Love (Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Richard Wiles)
2. Carnival (unknown) - probably not going to be on the album
3. Dial My Number (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
4. Give Into Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
5. Hang Up (unknown)
6. I Still Believe In Magic (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
7. In The Name Of Lust (unknown) - probably not going to be on the album
8. Lose Myself (Christopher Rojas/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
9. Moving Cities (unknown) - probably not going to be on the album
10. Music Took My Man (unknown) - probably not going to be on the album
11. My Priority (Lamont Dazier/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/John Stack Graham/Daniel Woodcock)
12. Off And On (Cathy Dennis/Roisin Murphy/Calvin Harris)
13. Only For This Moment (Alexander Perls/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
14. Sophia Loren (Christopher Rojas/Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
15. Sorry Now (Christopher Mohr/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
16. Starlight (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
17. Still Mixed Up (unknown) - probably not going to be on the album
18. Supersexy (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
19. Synchronized (Ina Wroldsen/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Ball)
20. The Scene (Metronomy/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
21. Under Your Touch (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
22. Whispers On The Street (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
23. Wicked Game (David Lipsey/Jeremy Shaw/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
24. Immune To Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Hannah Robinson/Richard X)


kaushik said...

I was reading something about Armin: The results of the 2009 DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll are in and it's time to uncork another fancy bottle of bubbles. Like in 2007 and 2008, Armin holds the number one position in the renowned popularity poll. For the third year in a row, he's the holder of the 'Number one DJ of the World' title. This year, more than 300.000 votes from 263 different countries were cast.

Andrew said...

I really wish Take Me With You would have ended up as an album track or even a b-side because that is one of the best Sophie songs that has leaked in a while, i really want the HQ version. It is nice to see she is working with them again. As for the Love Takes Over people i really did not care for that song at all so..... I just really hope she works with Xenomania again but i doubt that is going to happen. Ohh well at least i have got the Richard X collaborations to look forward to.

kaushik said...

Did you like Rachel Stevens' Negotiate With Love? They're the same sisters who wrote that track. I personally think it would be amazing for Sophie to work with them, only because they are lyrical geniuses. Love takes over was probably boring for you because of the production. For the vocals, i like how the song was structured. If Sophie can do something like that, then it would probably sound very good. She has tried something like on Mixed Up World in the past...

Take Me With You is an amazing song, yes. I doubt if we'll ever hear that in HQ unless Sophie decides to give us all some unreleased songs through iTunes (cos lets face it, they will never leak them all for free)

I'm more keen on listening to the full length version of Love Heist. That song is stuck in my head ever since i heard it. If it were released it would probably have been a great single. Too bad.. i hope it leaks someday..

Andrew said...

I loved Rachel Steven's album Come and Get It! I liked Negotiate with Love but it was not the best song on the album. It was better than When Loves Takes Over though.
As for Love Heist, maybe if i heard a full version my mind would change but i really was not feeling that song.

TheWV said...

Buuren Armin... WoW I Really Love That DJ... He deserves #1... With Sophie Would Sound Amazing... Now I'm Feeling Goosebumps

RV said...

oh how I hope she go and release a double CD album with all these unreleased gemms on it minus those saved for Bsides !!!!!
how useless are tose marathon studio sessions for hundreds of songs and only 12 go on the final product :(

Anonymous said...

Sophie can't work with that trancey/horrible dj ! :/
Trance will not fit the class music style of Sophie, hope it's not on the album.

Kim said...

Just because he makes trance music does not mean thats the only he makes. Calm down. Sophie has worked with a lot of people on this album. If anything its going to be really dancey. But it will still remain pop. So don't worry. Sophie will probably have everything under control



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