Thursday, November 12, 2009

GraziaDaily talks to Sophie Ellis Bextor at FTBC


If there’s one thing that Pearl Lowe knows how to do, it’s throw a darn good party. So when she hosted a shindig in honour of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer at the Proud Galleries last night, GraziaDaily was first in line to party hard for a good cause. We caught up with Sophie Ellis Bextor who was performing at the event to get the scoop on how the singer is balancing her fashion obsession with motherhood. Plus, don’t forget to check out our exclusive chats with hostess Pearl Lowe and designer-slash-model-slash-DJ Ben Grimes.

How did you get involved with the event?
I first got involved with FTBC a really long time ago when they did a catwalk and I wore a Julien Macdonald dress. And I’ve always supported breast cancer charities as my grandmother had breast cancer when I was eleven, so it’s a cause close to my heart, and I think the charity is a brilliant idea.

Do you know Pearl personally?

We have met before and we have mutual friends.

So we are in Camden, are you a fan of the shops here?

Camden is the first place I lived after I moved away from home. My first flat was above a London pub and then I lived just up the road from The Monarch which is now Barfly so I know these streets very well.

Any shopping tips?

Be patient, especially on market day, which is the second biggest attraction in London after Madame Tussauds. Just be calm, don’t fight it and go with the flow.

Any style tips?

Just dress for yourself, not for fashion. Fashion is fun but it doesn’t always suit you so just get to know yourself before thinking what’s in and what’s not.

What are you wearing tonight?

A Christian Lacroix dress that I’ve had for about 6 years and a pair of heels from Office.

Apparently Victoria Beckham gets style tips from Romeo, does Sonny ever do that for you?

Absolutely! He actually has quite good taste but if it was up to him, I’d be wearing sparkling heels for the school run, but I guess Victoria Beckham does that so maybe Romeo makes her!

As the face of Rimmel, do you have some top beauty tips?

Don’t be frightened because its only make-up. Its brilliant fun to put on really bright eye shadows and lipsticks. Sometimes people can be a little bit conservative, but you can just wash it off if it doesn’t work.

Have you had any fashion mistakes over the years?
There’s been loads but sometimes when you’re getting ready to go out you think, “it’s very nice but it’s just a bit safe”. When you’re seventy, you’re going to look back and wish you’d lived it up a little bit, so it’s worth taking a couple of risks and getting it wrong sometimes.
What do you think about Georgia Jagger as the latest face of Rimmel? She’s gorgeous! And Coco is as well. They’re really good choices.

What’s next for you?

I’ve just finished my fourth album which is out in January, so that’s really exciting!

How’s motherhood treating you?

Good thank you. Kit’s 9 months, chubby and happy. Sonny is five and very together and lots of fun.

What was the last fashion item you bought?

I bought some really nice Kurt Geiger shoes at the airport. I’ve been travelling loads and so you get airport shopping boredom.


Andrew said...

Well if the the album is out in January then oh girl better get to releasing a single. Nice little interview, don't you love how Vickie B was brought into it. :|

Little Bird said...

New album in Jan? Better one single...



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