Friday, November 20, 2009

album nearly finished...

On Nov 3rd, Sophie tweeted saying: "album writing all done now. just final vocals and mixing. woo! have to pick my final album tracks then january it all goes public..." and "done another lovely song with the freemasons, biff and hannah. i am a lucky gal!" Unfortunately though, she caught a cold and she couldn't sing. But recently, Sophie tweeted this
Celebrated finishing off v good new song by whole vacherin cheese just for me and R with red wine. Was yum but feel bit gross today."
another day, another song sung! album nearly finished yay yay yay."

The good thing is she is back in the studio and the album is finally being recorded and completed. Its all out in January, according to Sophie. So fingers crossed we get a great (electro-pop dance) album. The campaign is supposed to be really bizarre but we're in for a treat.

Here is a list of known songs (updated), who knows what will end up on the album:
  1. Love Deluxe (Ellis-Bextor/Harry James/Wilcox Simon)
  2. For Love (Douglas John Henry/Ellis-Bextor/Poole Karen Ann)
  3. Not Giving Up On Love (Buuren Armin/Ellis-Bextor/Nervo Miriam/Nervo Olivia Margaret)
  4. Calling It Love (Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Richard Wiles)
  5. Dial My Number (Hang Up) (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
  6. Give Into Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
  7. Magic (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  8. Lose Myself (Christopher Rojas/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  9. My Priority (Lamont Dazier/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/John Stack Graham/Daniel Woodcock)
  10. Off And On (Cathy Dennis/Roisin Murphy/Calvin Harris)
  11. Only For This Moment (Alexander Perls/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  12. Sophia Loren (Christopher Rojas/Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  13. Sorry Now (Christopher Mohr/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  14. Starlight (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  15. Supersexy (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
  16. Synchronized (Ina Wroldsen/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Ball)
  17. Make A Scene (Metronomy/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  18. Under Your Touch (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
  19. Whispers On The Street (Jim Elliott, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gabriel, Hannah Robinson)
  20. Wicked Game (David Lipsey/Jeremy Shaw/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
  21. Immune To Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Hannah Robinson/Richard X)
  22. We Got A Chance (Ellis-Bextor/Nervo Miriam/Nervo Olivia/Rowbottom Matthew Paul)
  23. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Ellis-Bextor/Freemasons)

and the songs which are not going to be on the album (confirmed by an inside source)
In The Name Of Lust
Moving Cities
Music Took My Man
Still Mixed Up


Fran said...

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM!! It's gonna be huge!!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Every time you post about song titles and producers, i get so excited about this album. You should do the press for her. Amazing site. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You know, it could be exciting to hear every now and then about the new album but I mean come on, nothing released since heartbreak which was back in June??!!! I believe that if Sophie doesnt release anything before for Christmas, the new album will just be a failure cos it's that time when people get excited about the gifts and others about the music charts, well maybe not a complete failure but at least it wont get the hype it could if she starts promoting it since December!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain an early 2010 release, Jan/Feb, would do well for her; the charts sink a little lower then in the post-Christmas rush, which could potentially give her an advantage in the charts if this takes off in any capacity because of a good "Mixed Up World"/"Catch You" single's hype. I'm rooting for her.

And thank you for maintaining this blog. I think you do a wonderful, and I really love having these weird little updates (and especially the downloads). Also: you're totally cute.

kaushik said...

Thank you :)

There's a little more about the album which i'm not supposed to talk about right now. But we're in for a surprise. So long as none of the tracks leak before the album, i think we are in for a treat.

Andrew said...

Um it is not nice to tease us like that lol. When can you tell us? :)

Anonymous said...

lol I totally agree with Andrew...I mean come on, we're just waiting for any tiny news to hear about the new album!

kaushik said...

Well, all i'm allowed to say is that we're in for a treat. The new single may be a track that we haven't heard of yet. And, the album campaign is really bizarre. I really shouldn't be saying any more. I'm so sorry, but you will find out soon. :)

Oh, and the Metronomy track is actually called "Make A Scene". And Sophie has done two songs with the Nervo sisters. I had updated my post with that info. I didn't feel like making a fresh post just for one more song title.



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