Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sophie's TWITS

I love how Celebs want to be like normal people, and use the internet to do that. Its nice to feel like they are trying to keep in touch with you, not because you're a fan, but because they actually want to. Sophie recently signed onto Twitter.

he can be really random with her Twits, but anyway, here goes:

  1. hello all. here i am in the twittering world. another nice way to keep in touch... Sx
  2. I just heard that the Freemasons are going to be playing a new version of a song i did with them called Heartbreak at Mardi Gras in Aust
  3. that word is Australia! i would love to see how it goes down... x
  4. Tea please!
  5. i just watched the Gwen Verdon dancing a Fosse routine. Sublime. inspired the Beyonce Single Ladies video.
  6. thanks for the baby congratulatory messages. he's doing really well. a peachy little fellow. can't wait until he's home. x
  7. is chocolate for breakfast a bad thing? the sugar really works!
  8. Anvil = well worth watching. Tho bit worrying my husband now wants to own their records. ! X
  9. Out to watch mother dance jailhouse rock for comic relief. Live on bbc one 7.30. Break a leg, mama!
  10. goldbourne road festival today. good bit of community action. s loved bouncy castle. comedy showcase tonight. good sunday. x
  11. Off to see a Glen Tilbrook gig in a bit. Big Squeeze fan so should be good. X
  12. Songwriting with ed and dimitri. What rhymes with 'sleepwalking'? X
  13. good suggestions folks! look out for your co-write credits on the album... x
  14. just received more muffins and a nice cake tin for cakes. more muffins! just finished last batch.. little K going to see g'ma today hooray!
  15. my husband does do a lovely poached egg... do i mainly write about food?
  16. my husband does indeed have a egg poaching technique.. check it out!
  17. on friday, for red nose day, my eldest son has to go to school dressed 'eighties style'. what's the best fancy dress for that?!
  18. counting down the days until we have our new tiny housemate!
  19. lots of suggestions for sonny's fancy dress and adam ant seems most popular. good choice! stand and deliver was my 2nd favourite song age 4
  20. the house is turned upside down! biggest clearout ever. feels good to purge...
  21. oh and thanks to Popjustice for making Heartbreak song of the day. woo! x
  22. for RND sonny went 2 school as a metal fan. black jeans, metallica t-shirt, studded belt + kicker boots. i wanted him to go as timmy mallet.
  23. can't believe someone stole my favourite coat. meanies. you better hope i don't find you....
  24. no more coat news i'm afraid. it's gone for good. it's lucky the weather has been kind...haven't missed it as much as i would on a cold day
  25. my baby just wants to eat and eat and eat. so long as he gets big and fat i am happy to oblige.
  26. feeding feeding feeding...
  27. sonny is loving his big brother role. he is totally smitten with Kit (who also has red hair). feeding again!
  28. the heston food was gorgeous. shocking lighting, though! blimey!
  29. my cat is ridiculous
  30. poor bruce.. my cat is absurd because he is v fat and lounges around contorting his pudgy bod into weird shapes. don't know how 2 twit pics.
  31. for wigs for babies. the donald is my favourite.
  32. time for sleep now until tiny K wakes me again.. see y'all in a matter of 120 minutes then probably... x
  33. my baby feeds ALL THE TIME! he better have doubled his weight the next time he's weighed. i have to eat chocolate all the time to keep up.
  34. bbq today..little early in the year but so tasty! had a lovely mother's day. Kit even managed to get to the jewellers for me... i am spoilt!

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