Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The new Freemasons single

I feared this. The Freemasons mix is really really good, but now people are going to rant about how Sophie is trying for a Groovejet Part 2 entry, with a huge club song hitting the charts and bringing her own album with that... PopJustice already said it:

This is a bit complicated so pay attention: it's a song Sophie did with the Freemasons and Biff, and it was going to be a Sophie single (and she put one version on her MySpace), but then Real Life took over (by real life we mean babies and makeup advertisements) so now it's going to be a Freemasons single - coming out through their label, rather than Sophie's - featuring Sophie as the guest vocalist.

We suppose the idea would probably be for Sophie to have her vocals on a massive crossover club record and then, with the wind behind her, to launch her pop career off the back of it. Can't see that working etc etc etc.

I wanna stick up my middle finger to them (PJ). Sophie does NOT (repeat DOES NOT) require a huge hit with this song, her album will do fine even if this flops. Don't forget, its a Sophie song. Freemasons are only releasing it cos Sophie is going to take time and they probably don't have anything fresh and new to release so they are just mixing an old song.

Lets face facts:
1. Love On My Mind (#11)
2. Watchin (#19)
3. Rain Down Love (#12)
4. Nothing But Heartache (did not even chart)
5. Uninvited (#8)
6. When You Touch Me (#23)

1. Take Me Home (#2)
2. Murder On The Dancefloor (#2)
3. Get Over You / Move This Mountain (#3)
4. Music Gets The Best Of Me (#14)
5. Mixed Up World (#7)
6. I Won't Change You (#9)
7. Catch You (#8)
8. Me And My Imagination (#23)
9. Today The Sun's On Us (#64)

So if Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer would do really really well, like top 5 or top 3, it would only be because of Sophie (hands down!) Busface charted at #96 only because Sophie was featured on the song, none of their other singles charted!

The song (otherwise) is pretty good, from the 1 minute clip that i heard on PopJustice. I hope the radio edit is not so overdone. I still love the original to death. Sophie sounds brilliant on the original, the new mix on PopJustice has Sophie's vocals set behind all the instrumentation and sound effects, so thats what is making it sound overdone.

And like PopJustice said:

It does, of course, sound like quite a few other Freemasons tracks and mixes. In some sort of parallel World Of Wrong this might be seen as a bad thing: on Planet Popjustice it means we've got a track which sounds like EVERY AMAZING FREEMASONS SONG EVER. It's like a greatest hits album all in one song. 'Beautiful Liar'. 'Ring The Alarm'. 'Uninvited'. 'Some Of The Others Ones'. ALL IN ONE GO.

But they only missed Rain Down Love, that was one hell of a song.. You can listen to the clip on PopJustice. It's their "song of the week"


Anonymous said...

I think the song is really wonderful. I'm agree when you say that if the song will be a success it will because of Sophie: even if Freemasons are pretty famous, Sophie is still more than them. I hope that this will be a success for both. Anyway, I think she can include Hmmad and Cftf as 2 bonus tracks... what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I like both versions. From the 1min clip that I heard, The Freemasons has definitely added a new vibe and it will be push the single even further, but the core of the song remains the same, Sophie's voice!!! Sophie rules and the sure sucess of the single shouldnt all be credited to Freemasons but to Sophie as well. Love her (Eden)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kaushik,
I didnt know how else to contact you. I was reading on Wikipedia about sophie's discography and I found out she has a lot of unreleased songs. I was wondering if you have some of them or B-sides and if you can make a special post to download them!! I would really appreciate it and am sure many of SEB's fans would do as well. Many thanks in advance. Cheers. (Eden).

TheWV said...

Those violis Sounds Pretty Good :P

musicfreakkaushik said...

Eden, you can email me at I won't be able to upload the songs for you on my blog cos that would be illegal (one) and (two) Sophie may have a bonus disc of b-sides and rarities coming out on her GH collection, so i wouldn't want to affect the sales. But i can gladly share them with you if you would email me the list of the songs you want..



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