Monday, March 16, 2009

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer - Sophie & Freemasons

The "RADIO EDIT" of the Freemasons song leaked and it sounds EXACTLY the same as the version that Sophie had uploaded onto her MySpace a year ago (it has been that long right?!?) Some people say that there is a version which is 30 seconds shorter which is the radio, which i can't seem to find on the internet, but apparently, it still sounds the same, only shorter.

This brings one thought to my head, if the version is exactly the same, then will this be a mutual single?? There are rumours that Sophie might feature in the video, if she is, then i'm sure this will end up becoming a mutual single and it will perform really well. The Freemasons 9 minute club mix of the song hasn't leaked yet, but i'm really looking forward to it. I also wish BitRocka would release his mix of this song (check his myspace for a snippet of his mix, its the third song on his playlist)

I hope we get the single in two formats:

1. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Radio Edit)
2. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Club Mix)

1. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Radio Edit)
2. Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (BitRocka Remix)

By the way, i wonder what happened to "Can't Fight This Feeling"....


Anonymous said...

i doubt it would be a mutual single as sophie has indicated a few times that she didn't want any of the older songs to be the lead single. all signs point to it being 'freemaons feat. sophie ellis-bextor.' i think the record company are looking at this as a way to get sophie back into the charts this year before she officially kicks off promotion for the new album. it seems like a pretty good plan actually, i do so hope it works as sophie really needs to succeed with this album.

and i have to say i agree with popjustice - whether or not it's fair, people are going to judge her based on the charting of this single and compare it to groovejet.

musicfreakkaushik said...

Adam (i guess) from Fascination confirmed with a fan that the song hasn't been scored off the final set list as yet, so it is still a part of the album. And if its being released as a single by the Freemasons, it will end up becoming a mutual single, whether or not Sophie wants it. Maybe thats why there's still a delay in its release. Freemasons haven't released the song yet. Maybe they are waiting for Sophie to get back into shape so she could star in the video.

Fascination, will, of course, cash in on this project. Its just to get Sophie's music out there, its been about a year and a half if i'm not wrong since the last album, and Sophie's public appearances have been more to do with her modeling career than her music career. So this song, the collaboration with Junior Caldera, both will just be used to start off promo for Sophie before she brings out her solo single from the album.

She was also recording a duet for The Feeling. I don't think they have a new album coming out right away, which probably means that they are re-recording one of the 2nd album songs and releasing that as a single. There are chances that that particular song might end up becoming a mutual single as well. This is not confirmed by either of them though. Its just a wild guess i'm venturing. Dan said they were recording a duet with her, so clearly, its for their album not hers..

I'm still really curious about the new material. Sophie is trying to look for a word which rhymes with "sleepwalking"!!



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