Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good News: The old songs will be on her upcoming album

A friend (Wex) received this email from fascination confirming that both HMMAD and OAO will feature on Sophie's album. But we're not sure which version of HMMAD will be on her album.

Hi Wextor,
thanks for your email. The final track listing for Sophie's upcoming album hasn't yet been finalized, but I am fairly certain that Synchronized, Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer and Off And On will all make it on there. As for future singles, this hasn't yet been discussed.

I hope this helps answer your questions. Best regards,

Adam Klein
Fascination Records Label Assistant

This is a good thing for Sophie imo. If the single does well, its like the debut single from her album is a hit. I only hope that she is featured in the video. It wouldn't make sense including it on her album without Sophie in the video.


Anonymous said...

yiiiiiiippppyyyy, that's indeed good news, HBMMAD is an amazing song and I dont see any reason why it shouldnt become an international hit, it's one of her best work yet, it just needs promotion and am sure it will do just great (Eden)

Anonymous said...

Yes i think also that freemasons song will become hit in and it will promote sophie album if she include it in album. can not wait for the album

musicfreakkaushik said...

Yea i'm crossing my fingers and hoping for it! Can't wait for the new material though!!



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