Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sophie is suddenly very very ambitious

We all know modeling is a ridiculously competitive industry, but Rimmel model Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 30, took her commitment to her job to a whole new level. Just nine days after giving birth to her premature son via C-section, Sophie got back to work.

Now, to be fair, it's not like she was modeling lingerie or anything -- she was at the studio with her husband, Richard Jones, to help write a single for his band, The Feeling. The band's lead singer said, "Sophie was in with us to pen a duet. She's recovered from the operation and looks great."

Hopefully Sophie does not set the bar for all other celebs, the celeb world is a tad bit crazy. As happy as i am that Sophie is working again, i wish she does take enough time to care for her family, cos that makes her happy. And if she's happy, she can concentrate more on her work, and we'll get quality material.

I'm not sure if this duet is going to be on Sophie's upcoming album, or if its a single for The Feeling (read what Dan said again, you'll know what i mean).

Anyway, there was a bit about Kit's name, how the media finds it funny...
WHAT is it with celebrities and baby names?

Ever since FIFI TRIXIBELLE GELDOF was born, there seems to have been an ongoing competition as to who can give their child the most ridiculous name, from APPLE MARTIN to SUNDAY ROSE KIDMAN.

Now SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR and her husband, THE FEELING’s guitarist RICHARD JONES, are the latest to join this merry band by calling their second son KIT VALENTINE.

They introduced him to the world for the first time yesterday since his birth in February.

Poor little mite.
Imagine the stick he’s going to get when he is a bit older and goes to school.
Look how tiny he is, and the couple look so happy! Sophie looks healthy!!

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What A Beautiful Pic!



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