Thursday, February 5, 2009

New (old) song...

Another unreleased theaudience track leaked!!!!!!
You Will Do For Now -

1. Keep In Touch is the same as the album version
2. The chorus on Groovejet is amazing!!! Its so much better than the version which got released!!
3. You Will Do For Now is ace! It sounds a bit like Black Holes For The Young
4. I Got The Wherewithal seems to be the same, a little rockier
5. Leave The Others Alone is haunting!!!


Anonymous said...

There is a new URL for this CD -

Kazimir said...

Cool! Thanks Kaushik! Been singing all day already. Also love the different Groovejet and LTOA versions

He was seen on Saturday
Gladly being led astray
When he's giving evidence
He is pleading innocence
Met the next one in a club
Clinging hips and overdub(?)
We got friendly in his car
Red leather interior

I'll be there
Inside your place
If you've got style
Then I've got taste
I'm in love
With both of the above
So take a bow
Cos you will do for now

He was starting to assume
Every girl would give him room
I gave him some honesty
You were just accessory
Met the next one in a bar
Admiration from afar
I told him to concentrate
This is far too easy

I'll be there...

musicfreakkaushik said...

If anyone's interested, i made an edit of the song, and it sounds much better this way



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