Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freemasons, Junior Caldera...and an album after that?!

Well, rumours have been confirmed by Freemasons. They are, in fact, releasing HMMAD. Actually they're releasing a whole new version. Apparantly, the song we all have with us is just a rough demo. In my opinion, the version we have is probably the final version which was supposed to make it to Sophie's GH album. But since its been out for so long now, they probably decided to tweak the song and release it. It makes complete sense to me that they're revamping the song...

Junior Caldera's collaboration with Sophie is out sometime in March, at least thats what the rumours say. Junior hasn't confirmed this yet, so i don't know if its true or not. But a studio (HQ) version of the song has leaked, and you will find it in all obvious places on the internet, i'm not posting the link here, cos i want to support both JC and SEB for the sales. JC has a single out called "The Way", you can listen to it on his myspace. Its a wonderful song. JC has been popularised by his song "Sleeping Satellite". His album "Debut" will be out sometime this year, make sure you get your copy..

Synchronised, which was added to the office playlist at Fascination, is a song co-written with Ina Wroldsen who has also penned songs for Kat DeLuna, The Pussycat Dolls, Lindsay Lohan, Hayden Pannetiere and The Saturdays... (according to Kaz, where did you get this info from Kaz??)

Rumours about HMMAD and OAO making are turning true. But thankfully, Calvin won't be releasing OAO on his album (according to Kaz).

That only means there still are slight chances of this song making it onto Sophie's album... only time will tell. Lets just hope for the best..


Kazimir said...

Just to get back on that info about Synchronized:


musicfreakkaushik said...

Thank Kaz



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