Thursday, February 12, 2009

a bit more from her pregnancy blog (pre delivery)

After a really lovely and relaxing Christmas and New Year, Richard and I have been keeping busy to stave off the doom and gloom of January. We went to the Revolutionary Road premiere and we both though the film was fantastic. Heartwrenching, but great.I also attended the South Bank Show Awards at the Dorchester Hotel in London with my friend Ruth who I've been friends with since school.It's always a very glam event attended by a diverse mix of people from different ends of the cultural spectrum.I chose my outfit carefully so I didn't feel like a pregnant frump! I wore a vintage dress with some bright orange heels and a flash of red lipstick and had a good time.I've been seeing lots of friends and been a to a few gigs too.When everyone else is drinking I've been experimenting with different soft drinks and sparkling juice drink Shloer is a delicious choice.I'm now six months pregnant and in terms of my wellbeing and beauty routine I haven't made any drastic changes. I have to say I'm rubbish at beauty treatments.I do spend time on basic skin care but aside from that I don't really do anything else; I don't believe that there is a cream in the land that can stop you getting stretch marks because I think they are hereditary.I'm still going to the gym three times a week and working with my usual trainer to do a modified version of my routine.

I know lots of women enjoy swimming when they are pregnant but I prefer aerobic exercise where I can really get my heart-rate up and feel like I'm making a difference.My bump is definitely in full swell now! So far I've put on about a stone and a half which is pretty normal for my height.I do have moments when I feel enormous but generally I'm pretty good at accepting that some extra curves are a necessary part of pregnancy.Emotionally I feel quite steady at the moment. Up to about 14 weeks I was very up and down as I changed from a lady who wasn't pregnant to one who was.

I was in a really bad mood for about a fortnight and felt like I had permanent road rage!At the moment I'm sleeping fine, which I'm thankful for, and my energy levels are still high.This baby is very kicky but it's reassuring, letting me know it's there and all is well!When the new baby arrives I am thoroughly intending on breast-feeding.I am a real advocate of breast feeding and I can't believe the furore over the breast feeding pictures on Facebook.When I had Sonny I didn't care where I was, feeding him was my main priority.I definitely don't feel the need to squirrel myself away in a private room.Women feel under enough pressure with a new born baby without feeling that breast feeding their baby is inappropriate.Having said that I do understand it's not for everyone and it's more important to have a happy mother who isn't breastfeeding than an unhappy one who is finding it difficult.It's not like you can walk into a room of adults and immediately tell who was breast or bottle fed as a baby!I'm really enjoying being pregnant and am in no hurry for it be over, except for the fact I am so excited about meeting the new addition to our family.That's all for now, I'll be back in March with my next update.

Sophie xx

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