Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sophie wishes to work with Tinie Tempah, Deadmau5, Chase & Status and Calvin Harris

In her defence (cos I know everyone will be against this idea), she did mention that she wanted to do something diametrically opposite to what she does now. So if that means rapping alongside Tinie on one (ONE) song, then why not. It would help her get some commercial exposure. Plus, she has mentioned before (at the Brits) that she likes Tinie. If she has to do a rap duet, she should rap alongside Dizzee in my opinion. They would go great together.

Hopefully people who hate Sophie for absolutely no reason will begin to like her. Deadmau5 is a little too meh for me, but he has a huge following. The only Deadmau5 song I've liked is Ghosts 'n Stuff. Chase & Status are dubstep, which I think will suit Sophie's voice. So why not? They'll all be one time collaborations (if they happen) and will just give her more exposure. I think she should also offer to do a duet with Kaiser Chiefs. She had to turn them down the last time, because of recording commitments.

I really want her to release 2 EPs. One with the Freemasons and the other with Richard X. Those collaborations will go down in pop history has the best things ever - there's no doubt about it.

Anyway here's the article from

Speaking exclusively to, Sophie said it would be 'fun' to try something.

"It might be fun to work with someone quite different to me, someone like Tinie Tempah, just to do something of a different genre. Rapping with Tinie Tempah would be fun." The pop star also listed dance acts Deadmau5 and Chase & Status as her favourite acts. "I’d like to work with someone like Deadmau5 and I enjoy Chase and Status. I have both their albums and they're really great."

The Heartbreak singer said she enjoyed programmes like the X Factor, calling it "really good telly". "We always watch it in our house. It's good because it's an option and a way into the [music] industry. There’s pros and cons for every way you get into music and get out there and get performing, but I think people are a lot more open-minded now to the format. It’s a not a widely new concept though – there was Popstars a few years before that and I used to watch that."

The 32-year-old mum, whose fourth album Make A Scene is out now, hopes to collaborate with DJ Calvin Harris for a second time - hopefully on his new album. "I’d work with him again whenever, I’m a big fan," she said. "He was one of the first people I worked with on the new album. He’s funny, talented and bright, he’s gonna be around for a long time. He was a big influence on the new album."

The singer will be launching a pop up coffee shop on Maddox Street in London for one week next week to give hard-working Londoners a better lunch break. "It’s on two floors, you can get yourself an ice cold latte, which I think when you’ve got weather like this it’s quite a welcome idea. You can have manicures, pedicures, style advice, financial advice - all those things you want to be doing but you’ve kind of left off for ages."

Sophie Ellis Bextor today launches the Emmi Caffe Latte Pop Up Shop in London open from the 4th – 9th July. Go to for more information.


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