Monday, July 4, 2011

Sophie in HeatWorld


Right, so, on Friday heat went off to meet Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Being a super pop star type, we wanted to get her views on the things that really matter in the world. Cheryl Cole’s new hair, should she get back with Ashley and who is fitter – Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake?

First of all, it's probably important to set the scene and tell you what a lovely lady Sophie is. As well as being really beautiful, she is tiny, and made heat feel like quite the heffalump as we bumbled through our questions.

On the subject of Cheryl’s new ‘do, Soph reckons that people would have something to say whatever ‘do she decided on.

"She’s a gorgeous girl; I think it’s good that she’s been adventurous. If she had the same hair day in, day out, people would criticise her just the same, so it’s good that she tries things." We also asked her what she made of the whole Nicole Scherzinger rivalry and which side she's on. ‘I like Cheryl – she’s cool. Cheryl Cole, definitely, over Nicole Scherzinger."

With that, we would most certainly have to agree! However, unlike us, Sophie was just too darn nice to say anything on the whole "Cheryl and Ashley getting back together" hoo-hah, and just wouldn’t blab, instead saying, "I would hate it if Cheryl Cole was in a room talking about me and my husband, so I am not going to say, sorry heat people. I have no opinion, I don’t know them well enough."

However, she would answer our most probing question – who is fitter: Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake? "Oof, God… Ryan Reynolds, because if he was good enough for Scarlett Johansson he must be a nice man. But, then again, Justin Timberlake can dance, and every girl likes a man who can dance." Diplomatic, we like it.

Sophie was crazy positive about just about everyone, she even admitted she "admired Jedward". Yep, that’s right, now Sophie joins the ranks of Liam Gallagher and Katy Perry in being a self-proclaimed Jedward fan!

"I admire them for their enthusiasm and spirit," she says. "I would say keep on Jedward!" Hooray!


As we told you earlier, heat was lucky enough to be invited for a chat with the very lovely Sophie Ellis-Bextor last week.

In case you didn’t know, Soph has a new album out, and it’s totally "dance around in your pyjamas with a hairbrush" great and features top collaborations with cool dancey types Freemasons and Calvin Harris.

As soon as she told us she had worked with Calvin, we knew it was our duty to shed some light on the whole Katy Perry vs Mr Harris beef (they fell out after he pulled out of supporting her during her UK tour). Sophie was her usual nicer-than-us self and, after assuring us Calvin was NOT grumpy, tactfully said,

“They wanted him to not really DJ, just mock DJ, and he’s not going to want to do that. I mean, taking it public is up to individuals.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor talks touring with Take That!
She then talked to us about how much she loves performing live at gigs and, oh, that time she casually toured with Take That AND George Michael! The lucky thing said the two tours couldn’t have been more different from each other. Touring with the Take That chaps was like being in a big family, while she never even met George during his tour.

“Take That are just as nice as you would imagine; it was really like a family on that tour. They would come along to sound check and we had a few amazing parties that they put on. They used to put notes in the dressing room saying, ‘Thanks for joining us,' and were very good people – a good indicator of how you should put on a tour – because it was a happy tour, they got the best out of everyone, I think.”

On George Michael, she had this to say, “George Michael I didn’t meet – but it was fun to do. With people who have toured loads, they don’t have to come to everything, they can just turn up and perform. That’s always an option – I didn’t take it personally."

Sophie admits to selling her mum's old Blue Peter badges!
Sophie, whose mum is ex Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, also admitted that when she was younger she used to nick her mum's badges to make a few quid in the school playground:

“I charged 50p for a badge or £1 for a badge and my mum's autograph. Quite well pitched for a five or six year old. My mum would roll her eyes at me when I would come home with orders. It was quite odd, really.”

Er, Celebrity Apprentice anyone? Amazing!

Finally, allow us to explain the picture, You see, Sophie is very busy today launching the Emmi Caffe Latte Pop Up Shop in London, which is open from the 4 – 9 July. Go to for more information.

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