Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Official Catch-up, July 2011 - Part One

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Hi Sophie, how are you?
Not too bad. But a bit rough. I've got tonsillitis.

Oh no!
Yeah. Which is pretty crappy. So it hurts when I swallow and I'm a bit fevery and achey. But I'm on penicillin and I should be better soon.

This is not good news.
No, it's a bit of a pain.

Tonsillitis tends to come when one's tired, right?
Yeah, well it has been quite full-on and relentless over the last few weeks. Doing lots of really nice things, but a bit non-stop. I think maybe I overdid it a little. At the weekend I did Kings Lynn on the Friday, then supported Bryan Ferry at Kew on the Saturday and got straight in the car after that because I'd been booked to sing at someone's birthday. So I got home at like 4am on Sunday morning. That probably didn't do me any favours! But never mind.

It sounds like your body is perhaps trying to tell you something.
That's what my mum said! But it can be hard to totally take time off when you have two children!

Do you have much coming up?
Well, I go on holiday at the beginning of August, but the diary is still looking pretty busy. It'll be nice to have a little break, though.

And it sounds like you've been having fun.
Yeah, I've been busy, but doing some lovely stuff. Richard and I did some DJing last week at the Chiswick House festival, which was fun. We got to watch Tinie Tempah and Noah & The Whale and bands like that.

Is that the event famed for its amazing food?
Exactly. I didn't do too badly, but I think Richard had at least two lobsters!

You also sang with The Feeling last week at Kew.
Yeah, that was really nice. I thought their gig was brilliant. And I really enjoyed my gig there on the Saturday night too. It's really beautiful, and we were lucky with the weather for both shows.

And the song you performed with The Feeling, Leave Me Out Of It, is their new single.
That's right.

You've already done a couple of TV things with them for that. Will you be doing more?
I think so, yes. I'll do whatever they need me to do. There's been talk of doing a video for it, too. We're going to Abbey Road this week actually, to film an acoustic performance of Leave Me Out Of It.

Is it strange working with your husband?
Well, that's how we met, so it's not completely bizarre. But I suppose I find it hard to stay focused. I feel a bit mischievous - like it's work but not really work.

And it's a great song too.
I think so. I really like it. It's all atmospheric and dramatic. And it tugs your heart strings a little bit.

And were you pleased with the response to Make A Scene?
I was really happy. I think it was quite a big achievement to get an album on my own label into the Top 40. I think the people who worked on it were all great, I love my new PR team and my new TV people. It was all quite exciting - and more so because it was all our own venture. You can really see the fruits of your labour much more easily without the smoke and mirrors of a big label.

What else have you been up to?
Well, I haven't been abroad for about six weeks now, which is quite unusual for me. There was lots of it in May, but since then I've mainly been here, doing things like the Erasure dates.

Ah yes, how was that tour?
It was a really sweet thing to be part of - but it's a shame the weather wasn't better. The crowds were amazing, though. They were just so resilient and determined to have a good time, even when they're standing there in their ponchos in the pouring rain. The weather's actually been better for the ones I've done recently. Cornbury was really nice and Kings Lynn was great too. It does make a difference.

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