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Starlight and Revolution leak

Unfortunately, two songs from Sophie's upcoming album, Make A Scene, have leaked. PopJusitce listeners were treated to both songs yesterday, and they sound utterly gorgeous.

Starlight is like an 80's classic - its lush and melancholic. It acts like a beautiful connector between Bittersweet and Not Giving Up On Love. Sophie sounds slightly aloof, but the emotion is perfect. The production screams Richard X, which is a good thing. But after listening to it several times, i think it's a demo, and not the finished version. Or maybe the quality of the leak was just rubbish.

Revolution sounds like something from the 90's. Sophie's delivery is quite a surprise - although, it lacks the energy that the live version had. The lyrics are clever, and the self referencing bit just blows my mind; but the production seems a little flat. You'd expect grinding basslines and loud sharp noises, but the sound seems held-back. I'm not sure if that is done intentionally, but i'm guessing this too is an unfinished demo.

Here's hoping that the rest of the album sounds just as amazing as the song we have heard so far.

I'm going to copy-paste a few reviews from PopJustice. I'm not going to post a link to download/stream the song here. You will find the links on PopJustice (and maybe several other blogs by now)

dominic spez


Oh my fucking God, "Starlight" is everything I wanted it to be. Amazing....And I'm loving the irony of the "We've been patient long enough" verse in "Revolution".

Nunya B
I think they're both fantastic just for the record. Revolution is fizzy ear candy.... Starlight has a middle eight which automatically makes it the better of the two, but I think they are both lovely. Not so far away from non-bosh Sophie after all, then.

Revolution is sublime. Guess I know what I'll be listening to all next week (or year).

I really like Starlight but Revolution is very meh as far as I'm concerned.

Already obsessed with Starlight. It's just what I needed. Revolution is ok.

love them both but if anyone else gets hold of another track or the album keep it to yourself please.
Richard X and Sophie are sublime together I just wonder what Immune To Love sounded like. I hope it gets released one day even if it's by Richard X.
However I prefer the live version of Revolution only because the little synths after "wreck this club tonight" are clearer.

Love them both, but live 'revolution' had a lot more going on, so maybe they are demos. Love them regardless.

Oh my days, Starlight is everything I wanted and Revolution... well it's alright.

My god I love these songs Revolution should be a single

I liked Revolution until the cringeworthy Murder on the Dancefloor reference and then the non-existent chorus.
Starlight sounds nice

Starlight is very pleasant.

starlight is beautiful but revolution is a bit flat, needs more modern, dynamic production

Revolution is the better track, but both are underwhelming and pretty crap. She'll never have another hit single now. She's done now, if you ask me.

I don't want to talk.
I'm quite 'i don't know'

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, I really hope those are demos, they sound quite flat. And when I compare them to the fullness of Bittersweet they really sound like demos. So maybe no need to be worried.
Revolution sounds nice, though I'd love the final version to be a bit more bass-filled and.. well, amplified?

"Starlight" is gorgeous! I feel like swaying about in a cropped shirt.

Starlight is good, but could do with some beefing up. Quality obviously isn't very high either. Some soaring strings on the last chorus would do it good, but as it is it's pretty much as I expected.
Revolution sounds like a demo - the production is quite dated and not in a good way. Chorus is really really flat. I liked it a lot in better in live form. Hopefully it's an early unfinished version.

'Revolution' doesn't really do anything for me, especially the breakdown, which I find just sort of lacking. It's just... there. There's no sparkle to it at all. 'Starlight' is gorgeous as is, a throwback to the old higher BPM ballads but Spandau Ballet or OMD, but 'Revolution' just isn't anything special. It's certainly not single material, even weighted against the abyssmally dated 'Off & On.'
Not that any of us are concerned about singles. We're slightly deluded, but not high.

"Starlight" is as gorgeous as I wanted it to be - and should have been a big hit two years ago. "Revolution" is three minutes of catchy fun, and I love the self-reference :-)
This proves to me that I must be a huge fan - her demos even make my day!

I quite love it too. It's ridiculously campy and slightly bonkers. A tad bit like Sophia Loren in that respect I suppose.
Starlight is okay. It's not as striking as the stuff we ususlly get from Richard X though...

Carried into the Sun
I love both of these tracks! Starlight is much mellower and quite dark compared to the live performaces we've heard, but it's still very beautiful.
Revolution is just as fabulous as I expected it to be.. just so glitzy!!

*gasp* STARLIGHT! *dies*

Oh my... 'Starlight' is beautiful.
I too am a *little* put out with 'Revolution'. It does sound a bit demo-ish, especially compared to the beefy live version she did on the last tour.

"Starlight" is massive. That Richard X is a beautiful man.

DirtyPorn Star
I know Sophie is posh and always sounds uninterested, but damn she sounds like someone sucked all emotion of out her on the recording...It's not bad, it's just not that good. It's not something that one would wait 2-3 years for and I fear that's going to be my verdict of the album.

The Poop Master
It was incredibly boring, I have to say...

They're sooo good!

I had posted the lyrics to both the songs last december. Here they are, once again.

Bang bang! It's a hold up
You about to give it up
In the boot they're slippin' up
We've been patient long enough
It's a hold up
Rebels gonna play it tough
Wreck the deck and needle off
Shut it down and turn it off

Face to face
It's murder on the dance floor
Cut to the chase
Just give us what we came for

Get on the revolution
(Wreck this club tonight)

Own me, own me, own me, own me, own me, own me
(Wreck this club tonight)

Bang bang! In the club crowd
Better off or down and bow
Chaos holding - what a wow!
Tearing up the sound now
Ow! Shout it out loud
Now we're warming up the ground
Rip the deck and needle up
Shut it down and turn it off

Face to face
It's murder on the dancefloor
Cut to the chase
Just give us what we came for

Hold a moment in time
And look to the skies
And we are frozen in light
Not a second goes by

Is it a waking dream holding me?
You never really know till you know
In the blink of an eye
Hearts will unite

We are one
Find us under the starlight, starlight, starlight
I could die, right here in your arms
We are one
Ccaught here under the starlight, starlight, starlight
Oh! Cos tonight we found heaven in the dark

No silhouette in my mind
It's just you and I
And as the starlight shines
Bodies are blind

It's so natural, unbreakable
Won't ever let you go, let you go
Hand in my hand
Here till the end

We are one
Find us under the starlight, starlight, starlight
I could die, right here in your arms
We are one
Ccaught here under the starlight, starlight, starlight
Oh! Cos tonight we found heaven in the dark

As the new day rises
Lost in our embrace
We are one...


Andrew said...

I feel bad that they did leak but i think we, as fans kind of deserve them. This wait for the album has been a killer!
Oh yeah i saw on the popjustice forum where you said you need the demo of Heartbreak. I have one that is 192 kbps i can email it you if you would like.

Banhurt said...

I think it's 'army' instead of 'own me'. And yes, they're amazing!

Anonymous said...

I really like these songs, even if they are only demo's, it means they can only get better! It's hard to choose, but I think I like Revolution the best. I think she's singing 'own me!', but 'army!' would have been cooler. I don't mind that Starlight and Revolution have leaked, because we already heard them plenty of times during her live concerts. I hope Cut Straight to the Heart, Magic, Scene, Synchronised and Homewrecker don't leak (if they make it to the album). They are the real mysteries!

Edgar said...

Please demo :D > giovanniwood hotml - Thanks in advance.



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