Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interview with Gaydar


The glorious Ms. E-B talks about joining forces with Armin Van Buuren for the luscious single ‘Not Giving Up On Love’, her thoughts on the new wave of dance floor divas and how her gay following has got her to where she is today.

We love the new single ‘Not Giving Up On Love’ – how did this collaboration with Armin Van Buuren come about?
I worked with some lovely girls called the Nervo sisters who were raving about Armin. They played me some of his stuff and I thought it'd be great to collaborate. We wrote 'Not Giving Up On Love' the same day.

What are you most proud of about the single?
I think it's the fact that the song crosses over different genres. I know very little about trance but I hope I have brought some of my indie and pop sensibilities to the song. Armin's production is great.

What was the video like to shoot? It looks like it was fun!
The video was so much fun. We filmed it at my friend's amazing house in Ibiza. It was like being on holiday. Sophie Muller, who directed, is a friend, as is Lisa, who did my hair and make up. We just mucked about for three days and made it into a video.

Your new album is coming out soon – what can we expect?
Dance, basically. It's my most dancey album yet. Lots of synth and bass and four on the floor.

Gay men love you – how do you feel about the term ‘gay icon’?
I am very proud of my gay following. I am not sure I've earned the status of 'icon', but I certainly feel that in some respects it's down to my gay following that I have kept going as long as I have.

What about your female fans? Have you ever felt a lot of pressure to be a role model to them?
I don't know about pressure, but I am a real girl's girl and my female fans mean a lot to me. I think I'm an okay role model as I do things for myself and not to get men to think I'm sexy. All my favourite female artists had the same approach. They owned themselves.

Music is a tough industry – what do you think you need to be successful in it?
Two things - firstly, the slightly delusional mental state that everything is going to go your way eventually and secondly, a life outside your work.

Dance music’s become more mainstream, with Lady Gaga and Ke$ha dominating the charts. Do you ever feel like you’re in competition with these new dance divas?
Nope. Thinking in terms of competition when it comes to the charts is not my thing. There is room for us all.

You’re no stranger to a bit of DJing – what was that first set like?
Probably pretty rubbish! I've got a lot better at mixing these days.

Finish the sentence: A good DJ set starts with...
Let's go for something gentle but familiar. Althea and Donna - 'Uptown Top Ranking'.

It ends with...
Well, usually in the middle we get quite dancey so maybe the end is a come down classic like 'Wuthering Heights' by Kate Bush.

If we were to buy you a drink at a bar, what would you ask for?
Is it party time? A Mojito please.

What makes you happy?
Food with friends and family.

What makes you angry?
Stuff not happening quickly enough - I'm impatient.

When the phone rings, who do you hope is calling?
Either my husband or work with an unexepected but exciting new project or twist.

Anything to add?
Cup of tea please, white with two.

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