Saturday, March 19, 2011

Revolution is Bex-tastic!

(Revolution live at Meribel, 2011)

Revolution is amazing live. The live version is so much better than the recent studio leak. I've always wondered how You Get Yours will sound live. That song has so much energy, she should perform that song at least once.

I think she is singing "army" or "arm me" and not "own me". Banhurt and Paul pointed that out. Even her marching actions seem like she is singing "army"
(thanks to Paul for the heads-up)


Banhurt said...

It was Banhurt who pointed that out :[

kaushik said...

I'm sorry Banhurt. I have edited my post. You were right by the way. It seems like she is singing "army" and not "own me"

bisounours said...

You get yours would be amazing !



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