Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Giving Up On Love - Best Trance Track

Sophie and Armin won the Best Trance Track at the IDMA's with "Not Giving Up On Love".

Congratulations to Sophie and Armin. Here's hoping the track does well on UK Charts for Sophie.

Here's an excerpt from Armin's official site:
His collaboration with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, ‘Not Giving Up On Love’, has moved ten-thousands since its release as the second single of Armin’s ‘Mirage’ album. It moved the dance society so much, that it has now been awarded for ‘Best Trance Track’.

Click on the image to view the album artwork in ultra high resolution - 1200x1166

I have purchased both EPs on iTunes. The Zodiax Mix is very good. Its very Pet Shop Boys meets trance music. However, the best remix of this song has to be the Nicola Fasano And Steve Forest Remix.

You can buy the Italian Job remixes here:

The rest of the remixes are available on two EPs on iTunes. The Dash Berlin 4AM Dub (a 5+ minute instrumental, wrongly titled as the Dash Berlin 4AM Remix) is also very good. It is very different compared to the Dash Berlin 4AM Remix. The Mischa Daniels mix is also very good.


Eden said...

I didnt know there was a zodiax remix out there :S

kaushik said...

Haha. Now that you know it Eden, buy the EP. It's worth the purchase



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