Thursday, December 2, 2010

TimeOut with Sophie

Your Istanbul debut was at the Efes One Love Festival in June, where you garnered lots of attention. But you’ve been releasing albums since 2001. After all this time, can you explain the sudden influx of attention you received here?
Yeah, I loved it. When I was booked to come for the festival, I didn’t know what to expect. It felt like a special moment when I was [in Istanbul], I turned to my manager and said, “Why haven’t I been here before?” The crowd was wonderful; it was really a special festival for me. The latest singles have been successful, like Heartbreak, and of course, working with Armin and Freemasons.

Are there other cities that have unexpectedly fallen head over heels for you in this way?
Other countries [where I was surprised at the attention I received, were] Russia, Ukraine and Poland. It’s been really lovely and it’s great when things keep evolving. It’s nice to be taken on an unexpected journey.

Tell us about your new album 'Straight to the Heart.' Does it differ, in genre, from your previous albums?
I don’t think it differs very much in genre. It takes all the dancy elements from the others. Though, I think this one is a lot more genre-specific.

Who did you work with on this album?
Lots of people, like Freemasons, Armin Van Buuren, Metronomy and Liam Howe. Quite a mixed bag of dance music with people who set the scene for this kind of music. Normally, I’m a lot more scattergone.

You started a DJ project called Modern Love with your husband. Where did the name of this project come from and what do you play?
The title [of this project] comes from a David Bowie song. I love David Bowie. We play songs about love, if you’ve been broken-hearted, lusting after someone, happy in love…to be honest, [this type of stuff] is what most music is concerned with. We started this a couple years ago, and it’s something that has taken off. But not as a day job, I do it in my spare time.

You’ve joined Take That, George Michael and the Pet Shop Boys on tour. Are there any other artists you’re hoping to support?
It would be nice to tour with some girls. I always tour with blokes. When I toured with the Pet Shop Boys, it was like a dream come true because I’ve loved them since I was little. It distracted me from doing a solo tour.

Will you get to spend much time in Istanbul this time around? If so, what are you looking forward to doing here?
I don’t really know how much time I have to spare, because I fly in the night before the show and fly out right after. More Turkish food. [In June] we went to a restaurant to have Turkish food and then after the festival, we went back to the same place. When I got home, I tried to recreate [Turkish food]. But I didn’t have all the ingredients. I’ll have to pick up ingredients…eating more. That’s why I tour, to eat.

In an interview with the The Guardian, you say that you are “experimental” with your own style, which has attracted the attention of Glamour magazine, who love your ‘2010 disco vibe.’ What’s your fashion philosophy and what’s your advice on creating, and maintaining a unique personal style?
I’m 31 now and I think I still make mistakes, but good mistakes. It’s fun and I love getting dressed up. If you’re a pop star, you get to use that to your advantage and wear lots of fun clothes. I have my own look and play it safe, and get to be a bit boring. I have an addiction, I love shopping. The people who I think are stylish are the people who dress their personality in their clothes. Fashion is so dictatorial. I think experimenting, not looking forwards, but looking backwards is great. Young people have the advantage of looking great with anything. It shouldn’t matter if you wear one thing one day, you can always try something new the next day.



Eden said...
that guy from youtube posted the demo version of New York City Lights, it's slightly different from the original one, but guess what, I like it even more, it's more raw and kind of more rock! hehe but as usual, he doesnt post them untagged, so it is tagged just at the end of it. If i knew how to remove it, i would. Kau, would you help please ?!

kaushik said...

Hi Eden. Yes i saw it. I love the demo too. I will work on it. In fact, i'll also download the live recording you sent me to day and i'll get back to you on that.



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