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Sophie: Press Interview Report, Russia

The first question, as usual, asked the singer about Samara.
I know where it is on the map, Ms Bextor replied with a smile. I've seen photos of the place where I will perform, and it looks very nice to me! I have been in just a few Russian cities, but I can tell one thing – Samara is closer to Moscow, than Vladivostok (laughs).

What do you like in the Russian cities?
I love to travel and visit places that are different from where I live. And this difference is felt as soon as you arrive in Russia. Here there is an atmosphere of "Russian-ness." Everyone asks "What's it like, how does it feel being in Russia?"

And how?
I come here so often that already I feel at home, very comfortable. Since August I have been here already at least another eight or nine times.

What was your first impression when driving in the car around town, looking out the window?
Do you know what I think? I was in Perm, and imagined that Samara would be something like this. But it was so much bigger. So what should I see?

A rocket, the Quay..
I saw a rocket!

And what were your impressions?
I was astonished that the missile is located among the houses! It seemed to me that it had been simply constructed and never used.

You perform at the Philharmonic. Don't you mind that the people will have to sit?
Perplexed! And won't they be allowed to stand?

"Hardly!" - a chorus of journalists retorted
But if they all stand at the same time, security will not be able to cope with them all. This will be my mission for today (laughs)!

What are you going to give us at today's concert?
Do you want me to enumerate all 16 songs? (Laughs). There will be some new singles, and songs from old albums.

You said that you want to record a duet with somebody whose style is quite different from your own: "The Killers", for example. Have you made any progress in that direction?
So far nothing is planned. Next year I'll work on a new single and ring up people. The New album is scheduled for release in February. I noticed that dance music is very popular in Russia, so the record will move in that direction.

At one time you declined a show for the sake of a family …
No, I did not refuse. It's simply that an album took longer to prepare. The only thing that I have refused was a concert in Russia for Christmas. My children would not have forgiven me. We celebrate Christmas as a usual English family – we buy gifts, a fir-tree, we decorate the house. Our family tradition – we hang up little gifts on a fir-tree, and give them after the big lunch in the afternoon. Do you make a promise to yourselves for New Year? Do you have such tradition?

It depends on the individual, each person thinks of something to promise. Do you have any lucky charms?
I've done so many gigs in recent times that I feel completely comfortable before the performance. Previously, I would not let anyone into the dressing room an hour before the concert. Now I feel much more relaxed about it.

Are you harassed by some anonymous admirer. Does he still write?
Now he behaves more calmly (laughs). I wrote about it in a song.

Would you like to bring your children to us?
Definitely! When my son turns seven years old, I'll bring him to Russia so that he will have memories to enjoy.

You're a married a woman, but your songs are about searching for love. How do you combine this?
When I write songs, I travel in time. And I remember that time of searching for love. It's more difficult to write about happiness.

There's a song: "Stars do not ride in the subway." The Russian star is really hard to see there. How do you get around?
I always go by buses, or on the underground. I like to lead a normal life as much as possible. I want my children to see reality. Although sometimes we go to parks and we do not stand in a queue (laughs). Here I show the power!

What would you like to see your children become?
The youngest said that he will be the chef or a Rugby football player - he runs about a lot and loves to eat. And the elder wants to work as a palaeontologist... or to draw Transformers (laughs).


Did you know anything about Samara, before coming to our city?
I've looked at the map, so knew precisely that Samara is closer to Moscow than Vladivostok (laughs). Also, I saw photos of the concert hall where I'm going to play, and I liked the look of it very much.

Do you find it disconcerting that your audience will not be able to dance, but will just have to sit there?
They won't be allowed to stand up? I think if everyone wants to get up and dance, no-one will probably be able to stop them. I will try to make sure that happens.

What is your impression of our city?
I expected it to be something like the size of Perm, but it is much bigger. When I was driven round in the car, I saw a missile. I was surprised that a rocket stands among the houses. And it turns out that it is a museum.

Do you like to visit Russia?
Yes, I do. I've been here so many times. Even since August this year I have visited eight times already. Being here feels comfortable, almost like home.

Do you know of any Russian singers?
I'm still only just getting to know Russian music. I know Alla Pugacheva, known as the Russian Madonna. I also saw some Russian musician in Monte Carlo at the ceremony Music Awards; she is always changing her hair, but unfortunately the name has completely slipped out of my head, as I have a general difficulty remembering names.

You would like your kids to see Russia?
It's a must! My eldest son is now six. When he reaches seven, I plan to bring him here: I think he will get a lot of interesting impressions.

In your life, family is very important. At one time you refused performances to have a baby....
Actually I did not refuse for the sake of the family. It's just that I also have a role as a mum, so I can't concentrate solely on creativity, and I need a little longer to record a new album. Also I have had to refuse some offers - for example, to play in Russia on Christmas Day. My kids would not have forgiven me for that.

How do you and your family celebrate Christmas?
Like any normal English family: we set the Christmas tree, we decorate the house, we buy gifts. We still have an interesting tradition, but this happens after Christmas. Each person makes a New Year's Resolution - a promise to do something in the new year..

The romantic heroine of your song - a lonely girl looking for love, making new acquaintances. How do you write such lyrics, so far from your present life?
When I write a song, I like to travel back in time to a period when I was lonely, when I had a broken heart. It is no secret that it's much easier to write songs about a broken heart than a happy life.

Do you have any tradition, a ritual that you perform before the concert to ensure success?
I have appeared so often in different places that I already feel relaxed before the concert, and I have no need for rituals or talismans. Previously, I would not let anyone into my dressing room for one hour before the performance so that I could collect my thoughts, but now everything has become much easier.

What songs will you perform today?
I will perform 16 songs; some of them will be new, from my forthcoming album. But I do not like to offer a lot of unfamiliar things at a concert. I prefer to perform mostly already known hits.

When are you planning to release a new album and what will it be like?
The album will be released in February. It will be very danceable and electro.

Do you want to write a duet with someone for the next disc?
Maybe, but nothing has been planned precisely yet. Next year I will I start working on a new single and then I'll think about whom to offer a duet.

About your Make-up.
When I'm doing concerts and tours I do it myself. But when I'm doing videos and TV performances I definitely use professionals [laughs]. I'm OK but not amazing. So today, I'll do it myself today... but don't look too closely [giggles]..

Do you have a fan club and do you participate in it's activity?
Um, I don't know if there there is fan-cub really. I mean my website, my main website, I contribute to that and obviously things like Twitter, but um, I don't know; is there a fan-club?

Who are you following on Twitter?
Oh Golly! Loads of people. I follow Róisín Murphy, um Stephen Fry - lots of comedians, Steve Martin and Simon Pegg - yes funny people - Russell Brand and Katy Perry


Poetry Is Life said...

i have never been to russia but i have always wanted to go

Anonymous said...

Haha, for once the release-date seems to be constantly moving in a different direction! April, March and now February! Here's hoping for a February 9 release, as it would be on my birthday! =)



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