Friday, December 3, 2010

Arena Moscow Set List


1. Intro (some new song & Heartbreak, instrumental)
2. Dial My Number
3. Bittersweet
4. Take Me Home
5. Me & My Imagination
6. Today the Sun's on Us
7. What Have We Started?
8. Starlight
9. Rebellion (Lies)
10. Can't Fight This Feeling
11. Not Giving Up
12. Get Over You/Lady (Hear Me Tonight)/Groovejet/Sing It Back
13. Heartbreak
14. Revolution
15. Catch You
16. Murder on the Dancefloor

An Arcade Fire Cover. Modjo's Lady with Groovejet in a medley with a Moloko cover! WHAT HAVE WE STARTED!! What an AMAZING, scratch that, FUCKING AMAZING set list! If only she could squeeze in "You Get Yours" in there - it would be the ultimate party set-list!

Here are:

Not Giving Up On Love (and it sounds 10x better live - too bad the album version isn't like this)

Bittersweet (Snippet)

Can't Fight This Feeling (Snippet) - AMAZING!!!!!

Sing It Back/Groovejet (Medley) - Sophie rules! Roisin would be proud!

Lady/Groovejet (Medley) - kinda odd to hear Sophie sing Lady


Also, in a recent Russian interview, Sophie stated that the album is called "Make A Scene" again. Lets hope this is true. Make A Scene befits the album, the genre, the situation it is in's perfect!!! If you attend her concert, make sure you upload as many videos as you can...


Poetry Is Life said...

videos were great. that lineup looks very good.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing setlist! I'm also a big Arcade Fire fan, so I really really hope 'Rebellion' finds its way to youtube one day. Too bad she didn't play anything from her second album.

fran_cosmic_neon said...

Sorry, but you get wrong the link for Can't Fight This feeling.
Could it be fixed? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Sophie has to come to Israel with tour! PLEEEEASE!!!

Mathew said...

Great setlist, though I will again say that it's a shame she seems to completely neglect 'Shoot From the Hip' when it comes to performances. Sure, it was the least successful album, but that doesn't mean it's not full of great tracks!

LEON said...

I have a notion , I could be wrong but that "fairytale" music that plays in the intro sequence right before the heartbreak instrumental piece , isn't that bit from the new version of "Off & On" ? It sounds strikingly similar though :)



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