Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sophie's Straight To The Heart Tour: Reviews

xondus said:
Great gig from our Sophie tonight at the Academy! She looked stunning and was full of energy - vocals were good and on form throughout. She was drowned out by the backing band a lot though. I'm also not sure how well some of the more synth-y songs worked live - Bittersweet sounded like some random funk track with all that guitar and Not Giving Up fell quite flat for me. Most of the songs would have benefitted tremendously from having another synth player in the band but nevermind. Highlights for me were What Have We Started which was one of the tracks that really came together live, Get Over You, Heartbreak and Revolution - the latter is an absolute tune and I can't wait to hear it in studio form.. If we ever will, sigh. The crowd really got going during Can't Fight This Feeling as well which surprised me a bit seeing as it never really took off over here..
Oh and she failed to mention or even acknowledge the new album in any way... What on earth is the point of this tour if she's not plugging anything? Not even one simple 'here's another new track from my new album, which should be out this spring'... Mneh.

strictmachine79 said:
Sophie rocked again tonight... despite my manflu I made the Brighton and London gigs (just)... same songs, more chat at Brighton (though more to talk about - X Factor final, random balloon hanging around for the whole gig). All the friends I dragged along said the new stuff sounded better than her old stuff, after hearing Revolution live 3 or 4 times I think it's def the next best single option, love Dial my number too, but Starlight is def an album track (still love it though)... I thought Not giving up sounded great, they've beefed it up quite a bit since the pet shop boys tour...

China_Heart said:
Just back from the London gig as well. Sophie was absolutely amazing! I had such a wonderful time and she seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere!
The higlights of the evening for me were:
Today The Sun's On Us: gorgeous and one of my favourite songs from Sophie ever.
Not Giving Up On Love: I think the live version was stunning. The melancholic feeling really came through but at the same time it really made you want to dance!
Can't Fight This Feeling: really went down well with the crowd. I think it should get a proper release, it's bliss to dance to!
Revolution: absolutely breathless. Stunning track, it needs to be the next single.
But of course everything else was great as well. As someone mentioned before, the instruments were TOO LOUD and drowned Sophie's wonderful voice most of the time. That's my only complaint!
I can't believe nobody commented on her remark: "The good news is that I've asked all of your bosses to give you the day off tomorrow... But, actually, being friends of mine, I guess you ARE your own bosses..." Classic Sophie and so much fun! It shows she perfectly understands where she stands and she doesn't take herself too seriously! Loved it!

absintheboy said:
Amazing show! Yes, at times she was a bit drowned out by the band, but she has so much charisma as a performer. Lots of playful, witty banter with the audience and the *dancing* - ok, as we all know, our Sophs isn't the greatest daaarncer, but she carried off the moves she was doing really well.
I was pleasantly surprised about not only how well the "rockier" tracks like What Have We Started and the Rebellion cover went down with the audience, but also how great they sounded live. I've gone from being completely opposed to her ever doing anything but dance pop, to liking the idea of a synthy-rock album. The Lady (Hear Me Tonight)/Groovejet/Sing It Back medley was also a real highlight.
Revolution for the next single please. If we ever get one. I've no more faith that this album will ever see the light of day, but I'm so, so glad I caught her on tour. She's a natural live performer and (sometimes even I need reminding) a brilliant popstar.

misfitmenace said:
wow sophie was soooo good tonight, my highlights were dial my number, heartbreak, just cant fight this feeling, not giving up , today the suns on us and what have we started....... she should some great emotion during the slower songs, i was surprised and really touched.

christopher60 said:
Went to Sophie's concert in Brighton with my Wife last night. FANTASTIC! Superb show, brilliant sound - made up for the cancelled concert a few years ago! Can't wait for the new album and to see Sophie live again!

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