Saturday, June 27, 2009

updating you (again) about the fourth album...

Everytime i think of the producers for this album i think "oh my god she's got the entire shebang in there"...
Kish Mauve (Supersexy and Whispers On The Street), Groove Armada, Richard X (I Still Believe In Magic), Calvin Harris (2 songs with him - Calling It Love and Off And On), Freemasons (Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer and another track), Richard Biff Stannard, Metronomy, Sneaker Pimps (Under Your Touch, Give Into Love, Dial My Number) , The Hoosiers, Dimitri Tikovoi, Christopher Rojas (Sophia Loren), Hannah Robinson

She's short of Bloodshy & Avant to make this X (Kylie's album) pt. 2. I do wish for the album to be as creative and bloody entertaining as X or any of her (Sophie) previous albums..

She's been co-writing with Cathy Dennis and Ina Wroldsen (Synchronised) who has also penned songs for Kat DeLuna, The Pussycat Dolls, Lindsay Lohan, Hayden Pannetiere and The Saturdays...

Some really random titles like Immune To Love and In The Name Of Lust had also surfaced, but there was no proof about them, so they were phased out as rumours. One of Sophie's friends said that there would be two songs on the album from the TTLF sessions - Still Mixed Up (not sure if this is a TTLF reject) and Music Took My Man (this definitely is a TTLF reject, i've seen this much before plans of the 4th album came up)

She's in the studio with Biff and Calvin now who are doing the finishing touches for the album. Hopefully it will be done soon, and in two months we should have the second single out.. can't wait!! All the best Sophie!! And hurray for Heartbreak, its doing well on the charts!! FANS KEEP YOUR SUPPORT GOING!!!

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