Thursday, June 4, 2009

unissued & untitled...

If you're a youtube addict, you'll probably find some treasures there. Tracks from theaudience's second album have been uploaded for all those fans who have been waiting for this day from ten whole years. Get onto youtube, do a bit of searching, and you will find these:

1. theaudience - The Greatest Gift (3:39)
2. theaudience - Day & Night (4:09)
3. theaudience - Headcase (3:33)
4. theaudience - Out With The Old School (3:31)
5. theaudience - So Clever (2:35)
6. theaudience - Twilight Of The Teenage (3:22)
7. theaudience - Grey With Dusty Rain (4:42)
8. theaudience - You Will Do For Now (3:31)
9. theaudience - King Of Action (4:06)
10. theaudience - Repetition Kills (3:42)
11. theaudience - How It Should Be Done (3:51)
12. theaudience - The Fool Will Rise Again (3:47)
13. theaudience - Sanctuary Hill (3:39)
14. theaudience - Hey 17, Am I Off My Head Again (5:07)
15. theaudience - If You Don't, Someone Else Will (2:56)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poor sophie already I dealt for that she slimmed after leaving of theaudience, having so good songs



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