Friday, September 7, 2012

Interview: Sophie in Gulfnews


The indie scene’s answer to a pop star, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, finally made it to Dubai for a performance after a couple of cancelled gigs. The “If This Ain’t Love” singer chatted ahead of her Alchemy Project show at Movida on Friday.

Q: We’ve been waiting for you to come to Dubai for a long time.
A; I came for the first time last year and really enjoyed myself. It’s a beautiful place with incredible architecture everywhere. There was a lot to see and do and I’m happy to be back.

Q: Will you be spending anytime here with your family?
A: I’m bringing my new baby, Ray, with me, and my husband came last year.

Q: You’re back performing again not long after delivering your third child. How has having children changed your work as a musician and performer?
A: I’ve been a working mother for the majority of my career now so hard to remember life before, but essentially I’m more focused when I work as if I spend time away from my children, it better be worthwhile.

Q: Do you write or sing songs for your sons?
A: All the time, mostly daft silly things. Mind you, my dad did the same when I was little so I don’t think it’s my day job that’s led me to that.

Q: What are you working on at the moment — any new album coming?
A: Yes I’m back in the studio and feeling very positive and inspired. Hope to get new songs out there asap.

Q: You played a few festivals this summer. Any favourites, good or bad experiences? Which other acts did you enjoy watching while at the festivals, if any?
A: I’ve been lucky as all the festivals I’ve been to have had good weather, believe me, it makes all the difference! I loved Friendly Fires and Basement Jaxx.

Q: You’ve got a fun sense of style. Where do you like to shop?
A: Anywhere, I love a bargain and I love vintage so a good rummage in a market makes me happy.

Q: Your family’s restaurant is undergoing some changes. Do you have any involvement with it? Do you like to eat out or do you cook at home at all?
A: No involvement other than eating there whenever I can, it’s delicious. My dad has decided to sell the business as though he’s made a success of it, it’s very demanding and takes up a lot of his time when he has other work too. It’ll be sad when it’s gone but less stressful for my dad so I understand.

Q: You retweeted Lauren Laverne’s “free Pussy Riot” tweet. Tell us why you think the group should be freed.
A: Because they held a peaceful protest to articulate how they felt about the state of their country’s politics, everyone has the right to that.

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