Saturday, September 8, 2012

Interview: Family Go Live with Sophie

She likes moshing and washing, could read Nigel Slater’s recipes as bedtime stories and is partial to a fish supper. Family Go Live magazine meets Sophie Ellis Bextor…

FGL: Sophie, you’re supporting the Wash and Mosh campaign. Do you get to do much moshing and washing done with your own kids?
SEB: “Of course! We love going out and playing in the back garden, kids love any excuse just to run around and generally make a lot of noise. We sing, we make up little rhymes, have water pistol fights, make music together, that sort of thing.”

FGL: What is the best bit of being a mum for you?
SEB: “I love just love the general chaos of being a mum, and listening to all the weird and wonderful things children conjure up in their little imaginations, and all the daft tangents you end up on. It just seems to get better as they get older.”

FGL: How do you juggle being a mum with the demands of a pop career?
SEB: “Luckily because I don’t work in an office, I can bring the kids with me when I work. I took them with me to Bestival this year, which is where I launched the Mosh and Wash campaign, so that was their first festival, but they’re well used to coming with me to gigs and concerts. Obviously I don’t take the kids with me all the time, but I think going away and doing my own thing for a bit means that I come back refreshed and can be a better mum.”

FGL: What sort of food do you make for your children?
SEB:  “I’m lucky; all of my kids are all quite good with food. Their favourites are Italian food, vegetables, salad – all healthy stuff.  Even my three year old is pretty adventurous. He likes bruschetta rubbed with raw garlic!”

FGL: Have you got a favourite celebrity chef?
SEB: “I will always have a soft spot for Jamie Oliver. The way he has helped people to realise that cooking isn’t rocket science and anyone can do it is brilliant. My absolute favourite is Nigel Slater. I just think the way he writes is brilliant. His recipes are like bedtime stories for me.”

FGL: So, Sophie, last question…. if there really was murder on the dancefloor, what item would you grab from the buffet before your impending demise?
SEB: “It would have to be fish, chips and gherkins with ketchup AND mayo.”

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