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Sophie Q&A: Official Catch-Up (June 2011)


Hello Sophie, how are you?
Very good thanks. How are you?

We’ve just eaten a packet of Monster Munch, which reminded us of the tweet you sent recently regarding a TV show about a woman who *only* ate Monster Munch.
Well, she was featured in a programme. She’s been on telly a couple of times, from what I hear. But, yeah, she was in a really good programme all about the human body. It was using her as an example of how well the human body can survive on a diet that doesn’t really have in it what it needs. It was interesting.

Anyway, we're here to talk about you, not crisps. And you seem to have been very busy of late.
Yeah, it’s been really good. But also quite full-on.

Which is presumably better than if you were sitting at home in your stage outfit, waiting for the phone to ring.
Exactly. And I do keep reminding myself of that. I’m trying not to be one of these people who complains about working. But it is a bit hard when you’re doing interviews and all the questions are, “Oh you must be tired?” and “Aw, do you miss your kids?” Although I’m not missing the kids too much, because very thoughtfully they have been waking up very early, so I’m actually seeing them. Kit got me up this morning at 5am.

Oh dear.
Indeed. My car for Lorraine was coming at just gone 6am, so we had an hour of quality time.

How did you use it?
Had breakfast together, mainly. And pottered about. As soon as he wakes up, he’s generally pretty busy. He doesn’t want to just sit and watch TV, unlike his brother. He always wants to be a bit busy.

Teach him how to use a duster, then you can start making use of him.
Well he has got a little broom and a little mop, actually. And the other day he took his little broom and hit it on the cupboard door which had a glass window in it.

Yes, it doesn’t have a glass window in it any more. Hahaha! I think he was a bit shocked.

So, it seems like things are going well with the album campaign. Life as an independent artist appears to be treating you well.
Yeah, I have to say the people around me have been fantastic. They’re doing a really, really good job. And they’re thoroughly nice people.

And the reviews for the album seem to be splendid. Are they something you read?
Not really, no. I’ll have a look if people say it’s a good one. But even then you tend to just take on board the bits where they’re disapproving. If you get 4 out of 5, you’ll think, “Ah, it could’ve been 5 out of 5, what did I do wrong?” And I sort of forgot about the fact this album was going to be reviewed, I think because for me it was so much about getting it out to the people that wanted to own it. The people that had kept saying, “When’s the album coming out?” So I’d kind of forgotten that there would be other people going, “Well we don’t know if we want to own it, but we’re going to tell you what we think of it anyway”. Haha!

Well, Attitude gave it 4.5 out of 5. You’ve got to be happy with that?
Yeah, that’s OK. I think I can deal with that.

And where’s the video for the single got to?
Watch this space. Everyone should be able to see it very soon.

You’ve got the Erasure tour starting soon. Are you all set for that?
I think so, yeah. It’s going to be a really nice June, I think. It’ll feel nice to get out there. I hope the weather’s going to be as nice as it is today.

Have you got more dates to be announced? Lots of the fans are asking.
We’re still trying to work in a South American tour for September, yeah. I’m hoping we’ll be doing about seven or eight dates while we’re there. So, watch that space too!

So, does it only get more hectic between now and the release?
Yes, more of the same really. I’ve got a gig in the Ukraine, then I’ve got more promo in the UK including things like pressing the button for the Lottery.

Wow! Have you done that before?
I have actually, yeah. It’s quite strange. There’s a lot of security, as you’d imagine. It all feels a bit shrouded in mystery. And then the weekend after that...

Hang on, we want to hear more about the Lottery. It’s live, presumably?
It is indeed.

So what would happen if you shouted, “It’s a fix!” just before you pressed the button?
I think I’d be arrested or something. It’s funny you should say that, though, because there’s always that side of me when I’m doing live TV that thinks, “I could really just say anything”. I’ve been doing quite a lot of live TV recently, and I always think, “This could be the moment where I lose the plot!” Hahahaha!

You’d go out in a blaze of glory. Not that we’re suggesting you do it.
Oh I’m worried I’m going to do it by mistake now. I was one of those people at school that, in assembly, almost had to hold my limbs down because I thought I’d suddenly stand up and shout obscenities. I think it’s that same reason that people get vertigo, cos they’re worried they’re going to jump off the edge. It’s that same feeling.

Are you allowed to buy a lottery ticket that week?
I don’t know - I’ve never bought a ticket in my life.

Oh, it’s got to be worth a Lucky Dip when you’re pressing the button.
No. I don’t want to start. I think if you start then you can’t stop. Sorry, one second. [To man in background] “What number is it, please? OK, no problem. I’ll get out and walk".

What’s happening?
I’m off to do a load of regional radio interviews, down the ISDN line. I don’t really like doing that.

Hey now.
Oh, I mean I love doing radio, it’s just so impersonal doing the ISDNs where you can’t see the presenters. Some are great, though. It’s just quite hard to get the rapport going. But I did a regional radio tour last week where I visited lots of stations and that was really fun.

Ah yes, it mentioned that in your interview in the NME this week.
Oh, that came out did it? Was he kind to me?

Good old Peter.

In other press news, we noticed something saying you’d been to the St Pancras hotel opening. How was that?
Nice, actually. There’s quite a cool bar which has a big glass window looking into the station. That was very nice. There’s always a romance for me about railway stations. And that one’s a lovely one.

And you’ve been on Lorraine a lot recently.
That’s right, doing the High Street fashion awards. That’s been really fun. Really nice people. And I filmed a Rob Brydon show last week with Bruce Forsyth.

When will that be on telly?
I think in July or August. I sang 'Of And On', and I got to do a little bit of singing with Rob Brydon. We sang ‘Stand By Your Man’ and ‘The Wheels On The Bus”. Harmonising. He’s lovely. And it was pretty extraordinary to meet someone like Bruce Forsyth that you feel like you’ve grown up with. He was very nice.

And do you have any holiday plans for this year? You’re working hard, you’re husband’s working hard, it’s important to take a break.
Yes, we’ve put in some time for August. We’re going back to my friend’s house in Ibiza, where we went last year and which is also where we filmed the Not Giving Up On Love video. I’ve realised that nobody congratulates you for not taking a holiday, and we are very bad at it generally, so last year I made the decision that I’m always going to put one in the diary now.

Well this is good news. And you must be pleased with how well things are going for you at the moment?
I am actually. And I feel very chilled out about what happens with the single and album. I’m just enjoying myself. I don’t really feel too much pressure. My hopes for the album are pretty realistic, I think. But at the same time, I’m really pleased with the response it's all getting. Life feels really good.

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So much good news!!! I hope she come to Argentina for a second time! I'm dying to see her live!!!



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