Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sophie on The Style Nation T4

Sophie performed Starlight on The Style Nation.

youtube upload thanks to Renzo.

download the performance here -
upload thanks to Paul.


Andrew said...

Wow! She looks amazing, i love to see a smiling Bextor. I think this may have been the best performance of Starlight, she did fantastic. Side-note those shoes are to die for! She should never take them off lol.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I also think it's her best performance of Starlight. She has complete control over the song and her voice is perfect. Can't wait for album 5, which is supposed to be a bit more singersongwriter-ish and indie. Her latest, most dancey album is great, but when you leave out all the electrobeats etc., it would still be great because of her voice.

Isaac said...

My god she looked fantastic, sounded confident and the song has never sounded better live - easily the best performance of this song.

The album is getting terrible reviews from the critics. Such a shame.



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