Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sophie in NME

scans thanks to Paul


The pop queen on going indie and why she'd give Tyler, The Creator a piece of her mind

Hello, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Where are you?
I'm in the car, going from Hull - yes, you heard me right, Hull - to Leeds! And then on to Preston where I am staying the night.

That's living the dream right there, that is.
It certainly is! I like doing radio tours like this, it's all very English and you can just appear, have a chit chat and a cup of tea and it's all very nice.

'Chit chat and a cup of tea'. That's a good stage to be at in a pop career.
Well, the last 10 days have been a bit of a whirlwind. I've been to Portugal, Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland, and now Hull. I've been around a bit.

You are allowed back into NME now as you are, officially, an 'indie artiste' again.
I am!

Talk me through how this came about.
I now have my own label. I suppose it's something I've been working towards for the last few years. I had a wonderful time with Universal but I feel like it's OK to go it alone now.

Have you sorted out your letterheads and business cards yet?
I've still got to do that. I've been sent over a few suggestions of logos....

I was actually joking about that. What do you look for in a logo?
Something simple. The label's called EBGB, and we were thinking of imitating the famous CBGB logo, but I don't think we're allowed to for copyright reasons.

Would you like me to draw it for you?
With a felt pen? Or a stencil set.

If i get some coloured pencils I can do some blending for extra realism.
Let's do that.

Imagine I'm in a band. A very good band. What do i need to sound like to be signed to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's record label?
It wasn't until someone asked me who I was signing that I realised signing other acts was something I could do! I think i'd want something quite different to what I do. I want a casually dressed man with a guitar.

Where next?
I've actually been successful as ever in other countries - I'm as busy as I've ever been. And i suppose I've got the right outlook - I'm ever the optimist!

You recently announced that your album after this one would have proper instruments on it. What's going on?
My new album is electro that I want to do something completely different next, but I've thought that in the past too and I always end up putting beats on.

Is there an indie act you'd like to put a shout-out to?

But he makes dance music! I see your problem now.
Well, I've started working with Ed Harcourt and Bernard Butler already for the next album, so...

Would you like to work with Odd Future?
I'd find it hard to hold my tongue because they use some fairly offensive language in everyday casual speak.

Imagine I'm Tyler now. What would you like to say to me?
I'd say , "Context is everything but I struggle to see that word as anything other than a nasty word to say".

If i were Tyler I'd say "Thank you Sophie for pointing that out, I will watch my language in future and I will also reassess my views of the gay community".
(Extended Bextochortle) Great!

The Review:
The sheer breadth of music covered on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s fourth album is, frankly, incredible. Still only 32, and with “the most memorable chart scuffle since Britpop” under her belt (both accolades proudly mentioned in her latest press release, although we barely remembered that ‘Groovejet…’ was out at the same time as Victoria Beckham’s first single), ‘Make A Scene’ sees her straddle a multitude of different genres.

“Pop, disco, nu-disco and 1980s electronica,” cries the accompanying written bumpf. Except… all the songs here sound pretty much the same, like ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ put through a Calvin Harris filter. Needless to say, it’s totally fucking rubbish.

"Worst sleeve of the week"
Yes, you have a pretty face. Well done you. But really, four albums in, you couldn't think of anything more interesting?


TheWV said...

I don't get it all right... The album is awesome but is basically the same?

Help me K

Ruben D.G. said...

It was a bit (very) rude to name the album sleeve Worst Sleeve Of The Week ¬¬

Mathew said...

The reviews from this era are frustrating me. Ok, Sophie's never got anything much more than middling reviews (with the exception of a handful of TTLF reviews) and I know critics have their own opinions etc etc but surely people don't think the album is THAT bad!



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