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Sophie performs Starlight on The Hour

She may still be an internationally renowned dance vocalist, but Sophie Ellis-Bextor has other priorities in her life now, with her two sons Sonny and Kit. While speaking to STV’s The Hour, she said that sleep has had to take a back seat while she balances her family life and career, but that the lifestyle still remains “seductive”.

“It’s just meant it’s a bit more chaotic,” she explained to presenters Michelle McManus and Stephen Jardine. “It means that I often sacrifice sleep, so if I have trips away I’ll take the latest possible flight out and the first one back. I try to do it when [the children] don’t really notice, like I’ll often fly through the night.”

Last Christmas she managed this quite literally when she flew to Beirut for just eight hours. Arriving on the 11pm flight and taking off at 7am the following morning, it was dark the entire time she was there.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor rejects sleep for family life

Although Kit is only two years old, seven-year-old Sonny is beginning to realise that his parents’ jobs are very different from the other mums and dads. As well as her own international music career, Sophie’s husband Richard is the bass player for pop-rock band The Feeling.

Sophie said: “[Sonny] knows that his parents are both musicians and I think he’s worked out now that other people’s parents don’t do silly jobs like us. I try not to dwell on it if anyone does ever say anything when we’re out, because I just want him to think of me as his mum.”

Sophie herself is the daughter of Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis and producer-director Robin Bextor so is used to a life in the limelight, and she admits herself that her sons will likely move into show business.

“It’s quite likely really… We’re lucky enough to do jobs that are our passion, something we adore doing and a lot of it is having fun. Richard’s band mates in The Feeling, he went to school with them, so that’s him and his friends getting up on stage, playing songs they love, loud, running about, it’s quite a seductive lifestyle really. What’s not to like?”

As well as parenthood, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is also spending her days paving the way for the release of her new album Make A Scene. Due out on June 13, this is her fourth studio record as a solo artist and includes collaborations with Calvin Harris and dance band Freemasons.

Watch the interview here - http://entertainment.stv.tv/music/249939-sophie-ellis-bextor-rejects-sleep-for-family-life/

Ahead of the release of her fourth album, Make A Scene, Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed new single Starlight live on The Hour. The song, a follow up to recent single Not Giving Up On Love and last year’s Bittersweet, is due to be released on June 13.

Sophie has been a regular fixture on the UK Singles Chart for ten years now, since her collaboration with Italian DJ Spiller on Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) snatched the number one spot from former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

Her debut album, Read My Lips, then went double platinum and reached number two in the UK Albums Chart, followed two years later by Shoot from the Hip which produced two top ten singles.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor performs Starlight live on The Hour

Her third album, Trip the Light Fantastic, reached number seven in the UK in 2007.

Starlight and album Make A Scene are both released on June 13, 2011.

Starlight (Live, Acoustic) - http://entertainment.stv.tv/music/249895-sophie-ellis-bextor-performs-starlight-live-on-the-hour/

Or download the interview and the performance right here:
Interview (avi file, 92mb) - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4UFWFAIJ
Starlight (avi file, 71mb) - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XO2B0AJQ
(thanks to Paul for the uploads)

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