Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nowhere Without You (Solaris Remix) - unreleased

So i wrote to Mr. Paul Glancey a.k.a Solaris about the Nowhere Without Remix and he was kind enough to upload it on youtube for us fans. Here's his email.

i totally forgot about this remix
i remembered we done called "I wont change" of sophie ellis bextor,
dont kow if that was ever released?
im uploading to youtube now, might take a hour or so i will send you the link

Here's the link:
It's an AMAZING remix that we can finally listen to, after 7 years!!!
You can also find the remix (volume adjusted) on TheSophierazzi Youtube Channel -

Okay now bow down to me.... hehe, kidding! Don't forget to say thanks to Solaris for this. And leave your thoughts and comments about the remix here....


Eden said...

Thanks a lot for this!!! not a bad remix at all
any news about the album plzzz?!!!!

Wextor said...

Wow, thanks for this! I thought I'd never listen it fully! What about Love Heist, any news?

Ben said...

Great Mix!
I agree with Wextor, we need Love Heist too!



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