Sunday, October 24, 2010

More gorgeous pictures coming our way

Sophie tweeted: Best get some beauty sleep. Rimmel photo shoot tomorrow. Be good to see the new products. N'night!

If she is filming a new advert, i hope she showcases the new single in that. That was planned for Sophia Loren. I'm sure Rimmel wouldn't mind having a Sophie song again in their ad. It could be the start for her promo. The advert would be played everywhere. Then she would sing the song at shows, at other live venues.

PopJustice is bubbling with creativity. The last few pages in the Sophie thread are filled with fanmade covers. I thought i'd attempt one more, with the new picture:


Andrew said...

I do not know how i feel about that photo. I mean it is great but i do not think it is an "album" cover. I could see Revolution being the advertisment though. Get on the Revolution and wear some Rimmel London lol. Im so ready for this damn album!

Makke said...

Okhay, I must say that the new pic looks like a cover for 'Under Your Touch', rather than an album cover. :)

Also, I don't think it's really Lagy Gaga'ish, 'cause that one had a different feel to it. Sure they're both B&W, but this one looks like Sophie's high having an orgasm or something.

Whereas that Gaga pic with the dark messy hair (which is one of my very favourites<3) looks like she's desperately trying to make people see through the outer shell of her image.

But both are great pics, nice to see that even Sophie can still come up with fresh visual material. ^^

Ben said...

I think it's perfect!
I love it.


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