Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bittersweet (not the song) news

Sophie is really random with her tweets. But...

@SophieEB stop tweeting and release your record!
@Josehsito just finalised new tracklisting. it's a beauty!

OKAY WHAT!? We're all looking forward to those 13 songs she mentioned earlier. And suddenly she says there's a new tracklist. This all seems to be going a little like Annie's "Don't Stop" which is a very very bad thing. Unless, if she going to shove the current singles onto a bonus EP and include some Kish Mauve tracks.


Eden said...

I really liked how that person tweeted Sophie!!! I mean come on, a new tracklist!!! just release the F* album and get over with it!
It's not like the quality of the songs already on the old tracklist or bad or smthg that she needs to redo it all over again! if she's not finding the fruit of her work, it's only due to lack of serious promotion!!! so instead of doubting that the album could flop and changing the tracklist, she just needs to work harder on promotion and am sure it will be fine, she had a serious lineup of excellent producers behind her!!! why chickening out at the last moment?!!!!!

Makke said...

Now now, let's not get anxious just yet, we don't know anything about the changes she's done. Though I must admit, she finally did what someone predicted earlier this year (when Sophie changed the album name from MaS to SttH): "One more of those brainstorms and she'll change the whole album." :D

Now, worst case scenario: Sophie has dropped some new songs off the album and replaced them with CFTF and NGUOL, and is going to go with the Freemasons mix of Heartbreak.

Best case (in my opinion): Sophie is going to go with the original (possibly remixed/enhanced) version of Heartbreak and has not removed any/has included some new songs to the track listing. :)

(And I couldn't care less about CFTF or NGUOL, I already got Junior Caldera's album and that Armin single.)



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