Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things aren't looking good at Fascination HQ.

SOURCE: http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/content_display/industry/e3i7537afebd91a441caa72f8c6f82d27bd

Peter Loraine, label head of London-based Fascination Records, is to move into management next month with a new venture backed by Universal Music U.K.

Fascination Management's first client will be pop group the Saturdays, whose third album "Headlines" peaked at No. 3 on the official U.K. albums chart. The management firm opens for business on Oct. 4.

Loraine, who started Polydor's pop-focused label Fascination Records in 2006, will be joined at Fascination Management by his current label co-ordinator Adam Klein.

Fascination A&R Manager Pino Pumilia will remain at Polydor. Fascination will continue as an imprint.

Loraine will continue working with as a consultant with Polydor, which he joined in 1998 as artist development manager. He had success with artists such as Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, the Saturdays and Sophie Ellis-Bextor and worked on major projects with ABBA including the "Mamma Mia" soundtrack.

Sophierazzi conveys it's best wishes to Loraine and team. Hopefully Sophie will be absorbed back into Polydor Records. This explains why there has been another delay in the album. Let's just hope the album co-incides with her tour. A Christmas release could only mean more sales, or i should properly word it saying "relatively more" sales.


Kim said...

Haha! The worst record label in the history of horrible record labels finally comes crashing down! YAY! Sophie should release the album under her own label if Polydor don't want her. I'm sure she can do that. She is still with Rimmel and she has a couple of other sources of income. She can pull it off easily.

Eden said...

That label should be reorganized from scrath lol I really hope that wouldnt affect Sophie's album!!!!!!! things have been really boring since last week :S



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