Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sophie's 4th album will be out in November (according to Russian TV)

A Russian fan posted this on PopJustice:
"Last weekend Sophie was in Russia on privacy party. Yesterday I saw news from this party on TV and in the end they said that album will out in NOVEMBER"

Last i heard from someone, they were fixing schedules. Let's not forget, she has a charity gig in November. If Wallace Productions can line up some more PAs for her, she might be able to pull off a single release, followed by the album.

We're not actually clear as to what is going on with the album right now because Peter Loraine is splitting ways with Fascination. Fascination Records will still be a print on Polydor's label, but there has been no official word if Sophie is going to get absorbed back into Polydor, or if she will leave with Loraine. Afterall, Sophie has been Loraine's pet project for 10 years now!

All this is pure speculation. The one thing we do know is that Sophie is promoting the album heavily in Russia. In fact, she is going to be there for four consecutive weekends:
"In Yaroslavl for a show tonight. The first of four consecutive weekends in Russia. Putting the visa to good use..."

Sophie also tweeted about a band called Bertolf covering her latest single with Armin Van Buuren. Here's the live performance on youtube -

I'm not the biggest fan of it, but Sophie seems to like it. They don't really do justice to the emotion in the song. It was a good attempt though.

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Andrew said...

I believe Not Giving Up on Love debut on the Billboard charts at #148. I think thats higher then in the UK lol. Very Nice.



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