Sunday, December 27, 2009

the new single is supposed to be MASSIVE

Fascination's recent tweet:
"Playing friends highlights from the forthcoming Sophie Ellis-Bextor album! The new single is MASSIVE! Wooo-hooo!!"

An inside source's comment:
"Her new songs are better than anything she has done till date. This album deserves to be a hit"

A PopJustice poster's comment:
I've only heard the supposed first Sophie single ONCE a month ago and I can say it's not only massive, but I can still sing the chorus in my head after that. I consider that such a rare thing. It deserves to be everywhere."

Let the hype begin. Roll on 2010

oh. and Wiki calls the album "Another Love". Highly doubt the title. I wish we get some gigantic idiom/phrase type title


Anonymous said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

With january getting closer, seems there's so stopping for my excitment to hear the new album :)))))))))

kaushik said...

yeah, i really hope the new single is as MASSIVE as it is being hyped :)

Kim said...


Bex said...

January's here but we still don't have the date when this is supposed to be released..

Oh, it doesn't matter as long as we have it

Andrew said...

I know i have said this before but i really think the album should be called "Into the night that glitters" lol its long but i think its fantastic.
I am so pumped, i cannot wait much longer for this album.



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