Sunday, December 6, 2009

my thought about the album

I was just reading through a Sophie topic on PopJustice forums, when one particular post was like a wake-up call for me. Yes, i have nagged enough about the album and i should be supportive. But the reason why i.. no, first - quoting the post:
"I just hate her delays and her canceling stuff, that oh I will release a cd, oh no I won't, I will tour, I won't, I will tour with Take That, I will release a best of, oh the bonus tracks are good so I am doing a proper cd, oh no I am not, I am releasing a baby instead etc etc BORED me to death and she is now a joke to me, like Jelly and Leona.

Nowhere without you and If you go also make me mad, staying as son singles while she released CRAP like I Won't Flop You and Me & My Flop."
I know there are many more than just one or two fans who feel this way. I'm a little worried about Sophie at the moment. There's a lot of good popstars out there, and she really has to stay in the top 10 if she wants to prove that she is any good. Not that chart success matters that much to her fans. But it is a big requirement if you're a musician, don't you think? The album also needs to sell well. Trip The Light Fantastic sold lesser than her 2nd album, even though it was commercially superior. Why? - i have blamed Sophie and her management enough for the wrong decisions and cancellations.

Reality check.
Sophie's 4th album has to accomplish a lot:
1. Re-gain the loyalty of fans who are either too upset to bother about Sophie anymore, or who hate her so much for cancelling the tour twice and delaying her albums.
2. Live up to the expectations of all her fans.
3. Do complete justice to all those big producers on the album.
4. Sell more than Shoot From The Hip at the very least.
5. Re-gain her image as a confident popstar.

Do you feel the same....?

The only silver line i can see now is Jordan Jay's (Universal A&R manager) tweet about the album:
"listening to the new Sophie Ellis Bextor songs for album 4- @Sophieeb - going to be the best album yet methinks!"

DISCLAIMER: The poster on PopJustice is a big fan, his other post says it all - "It's all in humour, don't worry... I am a fan remember! I have so much SEB stuff ****looks at Watch My Lips dvd and Music Gets The Best In Me CD Maxi***"


Mathew said...

You say that it's a requirement for a good musician to chart in to Top 10, but I respectfully disagree. Charts (which are calculations of sales NOT talent, afterall) should have little bearing on any true musician. I'm sure Sophie, despite her popstar demeanour, doesn't devote all her time thinking about how much her records will sell or what will please her fans 24/7. If she did she probably wouldn't change her mind so much and just release the first thing that would be a guaranteed hit for her!

Nevertheless, I do agree that it is frustrating when she constantly changes her mind about things. But hey, good things come to those who wait. At least we have a semi-concrete (hopefully it'll remain that way) release date for the album.

kaushik said...

My only fear is Sophie getting sacked. But considering the number of flop artists signed onto Fascination i know thats not going to happen anywhere in the near future. She is one of their biggest acts. As a fan of Sophie, i'm least bothered about her sales or her chart positions to be honest, her music pleases me and thats that. But when i listen to the radio, and i don't hear a Sophie song just because it didn't chart high, well, i feel let down for some reason. It's sad, isn't it!? She's a great musician, but just because of lack of sales and poor charting she gets left behind. It isn't fair. She is easily more talented than 70% if the musicians out there.

I wish i knew what goes wrong always. With RML everything was so perfect. And i'm pretty sure her management is following the same kind of campaigns. Or maybe they need to do a little more promo. Maybe advertise on the telly for a change, have a listening party, involve her with other big artists and hype the album.. something that will give Sophie what she truly deserves

No artist thinks about their career 24/7. They would probably be a nervous wreck if they were like that. And i definitely don't expect Sophie to do that. That said, i hope she reads responses to all her actions and decisions for her betterment. You wouldn't want her to keep postponing and cancelling. I'm not saying she needs to read everything that is written about her, but maybe some things that could really do wonders for her career.

Don't you think so too..?

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

It would be nice if she finally catches a break with this album but i really dont think it will hurt her if she doesn't. Example being i mean look at Roisin Murphy and Goldfrapp, they usually do not do well with the charts unless it is like the first single from their new album but the rest of the singles usually flop. They put out quality music though and keep it coming unlike many of the top charting artist. I know it is not fair but i think we (Sophie fans) just need to accept the fact that she probably will not do that great on the charts anymore and i think her record company is alright with it because the girl has had 2 lackluster albums in terms of sales and she is still around.

With that being said i think it is mostly her and her management's fault because they never really seem to give it 110% in promoting anything she does. :| If they want her to chart well and sell then they need to stop being so lazy and actually do something about it because when reading the forums and things it seems many of her fans have given up on her and that is why. Her music career has been so unstable it is not funny. The girl needs to get her shit together! (Sorry about how long that was lol) :)

Chris said...

Kaushik, please oh please get Sophie to read that!!!!



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