Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 new song titles, finally the Ed Harcourt songs!

Finally, the Ed Harcourt and Dimitri songs. I was wondering where they were. Dimitri a DJ, Sophie a popstar and Ed a rocker. I wonder what the song is going to sound like. I hope its an experimental mix of all three genres, sonically.. :)

Cut Through The Heart (Dumoulard Dit Tikovoi Dimitri/Ellis-Bextor Sophie Michelle/Harcourt Smith Edward Henry)
Don't Let Me Go (Dumoulard Dit Tikovoi Dimitri/Ellis-Bextor Sophie Michelle/Harcourt Smith Edward Henry)
Sleepwalking (Dumoulard Dit Tikovoi Dimitri/Ellis-Bextor Sophie Michelle/Harcourt Smith Edward Henry)

Sounds fantastic doesn't it.... So that makes two songs i'm dying to hear from this album -
Sleepwalking and Whispers On The Street.

I hate to do this everytime but..
Love Deluxe (Ellis-Bextor/Harry James/Wilcox Simon)
For Love (Douglas John Henry/Ellis-Bextor/Poole Karen Ann)
Not Giving Up On Love (Buuren Armin/Ellis-Bextor/Nervo Miriam/Nervo Olivia Margaret)
Calling It Love (Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Richard Wiles)
Dial My Number (Hang Up) (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
Give Into Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Liam Howe, Hannah Robinson)
Magic (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Lose Myself (Christopher Rojas/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
My Priority (Lamont Dazier/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/John Stack Graham/Daniel Woodcock)
Off And On (Cathy Dennis/Roisin Murphy/Calvin Harris)
Only For This Moment (Alexander Perls/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Sophia Loren (Christopher Rojas/Cathy Dennis/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Sorry Now (Christopher Mohr/Cohen Wayne/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Starlight (Richard X/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Supersexy (Jim Elliott/ Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Gabriel/Hannah Robinson)
Synchronized (Ina Wroldsen/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Fred Ball)
Make A Scene (Metronomy/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Under Your Touch (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Liam Howe/Hannah Robinson)
Whispers On The Street (Jim Elliott/Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Gabriel/Hannah Robinson)
Wicked Game (David Lipsey/Jeremy Shaw/Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
Immune To Love (Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Hannah Robinson/Richard X)
We Got A Chance (Ellis-Bextor/Nervo Miriam/Nervo Olivia/Rowbottom Matthew Paul)
Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer (Ellis-Bextor/Freemasons)

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