Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sophie Ellis Bextor Live (analysis)

There are some artists who are just amazing live. Not just their vocal ability, but their stage presence, the way their concert is conducted, everything! Sophie, has a great voice, great talent, amazing looks and some of the best songs ever. And what about her concerts? Let's analyse...

  1. Sophie is singing. Which is great cos she never loses tune. She sounds perfect live
  2. Her constant interaction with the crowd during and in between songs..
  3. Her sexy dressing sense and her poise
  4. Amazingly catchy tunes, cos the crowd can sing along. Sometimes she lets the audience to do a few lines on her song, which i personally think is a great thing to do. Songs like "Murder On The Dancefloor", "Groovejet", "Get Over You", "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" and other covers, she lets the crowd sing along..
  5. Sophie is always moving on stage (of late). She jumps around, walks around, dances, moves her hands etc,.
  6. No lip sync (well at least 98% of the time)
  1. No back-up dancers. She's got dance tunes for god's sake. She can have a few back up dancers running around behind her, and she can join them every now and then
  2. Lack of fireworks and lighting. I think every energetic concert requires fireworks, laser, regular spot light and other lights...and in Sophie's case, a disco ball as well!
  3. Not well organised. I blame Wallace Productions for that. Haven't they seen a Madonna or Cher or P!nk or Britney concert?? Those people have some brilliant tours. I wish Sophie does one too.
Of course, the worst part is she's done just one tour, and she's got three albums under her belt! Thats really really sad because two of them were amazing, and one was put off for pregnancy. I think Sophie must take the idea of touring seriously, work on a glam show, with back-up dancers, lights, crowd pullers, pole dancing (cos she was thinking of that) and maybe even filler dance acts by herself!

Hoping the tour for the fourth album has all these...

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