Friday, August 29, 2008

The Town That Bores Me review

It was supposed to be a short MySpace musical. Okay, i read that this was a low budget movie and everything, but THIS WAS JUST SAD!!!! The movie was pathetic, or beyond that... The idea seemed kinda dull initially, and how the movie was shot etc., omg!! The only reason i watched 15 minutes of boring was only because Sophie was in the movie for about one minute...half way through

Sophie's part of the movie was filmed at her house itself. She is playing a tune on her piano when the clock strikes 12 (i think..) and she hears the pig coming up to her door to take the heels she left out for it. She comes down the stairs all scared and leans onto her door listening to what the pig is singing. Then she makes this really cute expression of "what the fuck". When the pig's gone, Sophie leans her back against the door and exhales in relief.

Thats it! Thats her part... And she did it well. I'm impressed by Sophie's acting skills really. I think she's ready to take on some serious acting. Hopefully she'll get some more offers...

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