Monday, July 5, 2010

Sophie has NOT parted ways with Fascination

If you come across any bullshit about Sophie parting ways with Fascination or getting signed onto Al Around The World, don't believe it. It's not true. There is no official statement either from Sophie or Fascination. Apparently all these rumours sprung up from a tweet (which was eventually deleted) and someone from PopJustice happened to find this tweet and post it there.

Sophie and Fascination are probably taking their time with this release because they don't want Bittersweet's charting to affect the new single in any way. Disassociating themselves from a flop. "Not Giving Up" will be out sometime soon. Sophie is probably done with the video by now. She will soon be opening for the Pet Shop Boys.


Fran said...

This is great news! Seems to me that there are many people who has enough free time in their lives.

Eden said...

too bad she didnt quit her label !

Fran said...

Album out in OCTOBER!

Eden said...

Great! more bad news lol

Anonymous said...

This is a bloody joke she need's to sack her manager or stop being so stupid! this will definatly be her last album!


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