Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Digital Spy on Not Giving Up

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has premiered her new single 'Not Giving Up' by performing a live acoustic version of the track.

The 'Bittersweet' singer recently told Digital Spy she had switched her single plans to release the song instead of a track called 'Off & On'.

Ellis-Bextor performed an acoustic version of the Armin Van Buuren collaboration yesterday on Dermot O'Leary's BBC Radio 2 show.

Lyrics of the chorus include: "I know we're strong enough/ I'm not giving up/ I'm not giving up on us/ I said I'm not giving up/ I'm not giving up on love".

The singer also confirmed that her upcoming fourth studio album Straight To The Heart will be released in autumn.

Ellis-Bextor recently admitted that she was unsure over which song she was releasing next, claiming label bosses are also keen to release her collaboration

with Junior Caldera, called 'Can't Fight This Feeling'.

It is rumoured that the promo clip for 'Not Giving Up' will be shot in Ibiza.


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Eden said...

her label is really weird, more like stupid actually!
releasing CFTF as a single from her 4th album?!!! it had already the international success when Junior released it as a song on his album not Sophie's!!!!
Moreoever, her label's bosses are very short sighted!! due to the success of CFTF, they are so desperate and hoping that it will have the same success in the UK!!! they would do anythg to succeed in the UK!!! as if the whole world revolves around UK!!! where's the logic in that! they would sacrifice the success of an album just to risk and tempt their chance with releasing a song that has already got its success internationaly!
Weird !



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