Saturday, January 3, 2009

Revenge: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Are we ever going to hear this song by Sophie?? I only wish she decides to release it sometime during her 4th album or upload it as a freebie or on her MySpace...

I was just reading this ( and i suddenly realised that i had forgotten all about this. Maybe its time to generate interest in this song again. Hopefully we'll get to listen to this song someday..

Here's Madonna's version - Another thing that you have revealed for the first time in Record Collector is that none other than Sophie Ellis Bextor recorded the unreleased Madonna song, ‘Revenge’.

Peter: Yes, indeed she did. Greg Fitzgerald, who co-wrote ‘Revenge’ and who is an all round top bloke told me all about that. It was a similar story to what happened when Kylie recorded ‘Alone Again’. The song was set to be released until someone, not Madonna, pulled the plug on it, which was a pity I think.

I’ve been lucky enough to have heard Sophie’s version of the song and I have to say that her version of ‘Revenge’ is a great pop song that really suits her somewhat aloof, slightly frosty vocal delivery that I think she does so well. I’m a big fan of Sophie’s too and I love what she did with the song and in my humble opinion it would have made a great single for her. Sophie’s touted 2008 greatest hits album was recently scrapped in favour of a forthcoming album of new material, which is great news for fans of her new music (For anyone missing the Confessions… disco sound since Madonna’s went all R&B on us, check out Sophie’s new song ‘Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer’ on her MySpace page – it needs to be released as a single now please!), but that could have been the perfect opportunity for fans to hear her version of ‘Revenge’. So, for now, it still remains unreleased. Hopefully it’ll see the light of day soon in some shape or form.

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Isabela said...

Gosh, will we ever get the chance to listen to this cover!??! I deeply hope so!



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