Tuesday, April 12, 2016

'Familia' is Sophie Ellis-Bextor's highly anticipated 6th album

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not keeping this site alive all these years. The last couple of years, I've seen so many fan-sites die out. The advent of social-media made fan-sites and blogs like this obsolete. So I stopped updating it for a while and concentrated on other things in life. Studies and work took up all my time. I thought it was quite possible that most of you were already following Sophie on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and that some of you may were registered on various music discussion forums as well; so you wouldn't need this website to be your source of information anymore. But ever since Sophie released 'Wanderlust', I've been thinking about bringing this site back, not because Sophierazzi was meant to be a source of information. I realised that this blog was a passion; that I ran this blog because of my love for Sophie and her music. So, even if we're in a world overtaken by social-media, I'd like to go old-school and keep this website alive. Without rambling any further about my new-found inspiration, here's the news:

Having given birth to baby Jesse Jones recently, Sophie Ellis-Bextor returns to music with her sixth solo album, 'Familia', which is out sometime this year (and no, that's not a picture of the cover-art). During the early stages of the album, Sophie said the album will have some Mexican influences, unlike 'Wanderlust', which was influenced by Eastern-European music.

Sophie co-wrote all the songs with Ed Harcourt. Ed produced the album, along with the same bunch of people who worked on Wanderlust. Early in February, Richard Jones posted a (potential) tracklist for the album on his instagram. Here is the complete list of songs that were made for the album. Sophie hasn't confirmed the tracklist or order. But we're hoping that all the songs in this list make it to the album:

  1. Intro
  2. Here Comes The Rapture
  3. Unrequited
  4. Hush Little Voices
  5. Cassandra
  6. My Puppet Heart
  7. Death Of Love
  8. Saddest Happiness
  9. Come WIth Us
  10. Crystallize
  11. Wild Forever
  12. Don't Shy Away

Sophie posted the 'making-of' the album on her YouTube account recently.

You can hear bits of some of the songs on the sampler:

  • The bit at 3:38 is 'My Puppet Heart'
  • The really disco bit at 4:30 with the "ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh aiyah" is 'Come With Us'
  • The bit at 7:02 is 'Hush Little Voices'

Sophie, Richard and Ed teased us with various snippets on their instagram accounts throughout the recording of the album. Here are some of those snippets that didn't make it onto the making-of video:

Ed posted this one:
It sounds like something out Garbage would make. Very interesting!

Sophie posted these:
https://www.instagram.com/p/BBr2wV_Lwat/ - lush strings, possibly the intro? We're not sure yet
https://www.instagram.com/p/BBTEIHOrwd4/ - very disco, again

Richard posted this:
https://www.instagram.com/p/BBa2z5en_K-/ - very Biffco

You should also know, that Cenzo Townshend (who has worked with Kaiser Chiefs, Florence & The Machine, Foxes, U2, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, a-ha, Friendly Fires, Patrick Wolf and many more) has mixed this album for Sophie.

Those of you who have sorely missed dance-Sophie are going to be very pleased with the organic disco songs on the album. We're not sure how many songs are disco-ey, but it is rumored that the album has disco-sprinklings all over it. But, whether its disco or not, we're incredibly excited for Sophie's relatively quick follow-up and we're going to support her as always.

Cheers all!

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Nicolás A. Sierra P. said...

It's very nice to see some updates on this blog again!
I follow it since 2010 and it was really THE source (with LA Bextor) where I could get some information on new Sophie's music.
Glad you're back :)
Keep it going !



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