Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vote for Sophie on Gaydar

Vote for Sophie on Gaydar -
Armin & Sophie are at #3 at the moment. Let's take her to #1.

Why? - because this is her upcoming UK Single.
Sophie's facebook page confirms that the new single will be "Not Giving Up On Love".

You can check the Facebook status right here -
Sophie's new single with Armin Van Buuren, out very soon in the UK!

The single is out on the 7th of March 2011
(I'm surprised and happy that we actually have a release date!)
Here is Sophie's tweet: Spending the day talking to radio stations across uk about Not Giving Up On Love, out march 7th.

thanks to jenkins25 for the heads-up


jenkins25 said...

7th March - release date via Sophie Twitter

jenkins25 said...

You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...didn't she release this months ago? Wasn't it a massive flop? Will the album ever come out? That's all folks--that's a wrap on Miss Sophie.

Kim said...

@Anonymous -
This is a strategy by her record label. Surely she can't release a 5th single from the album even before the album is out. That is just foolishness. She will give away half the album before it is released.

NGUOL was released in Europe and it was a minor hit in some places in Europe. It was added to UK iTunes much later, because UK is Sophie's homeland. It wasn't officially released there.

Now it's being officially released with promo work. I have high hopes for this song. It is actually a really good song, so why not? Would i have prefered a new single like the others - yes. But i know that it won't work out, and it's just more expenses. She will have to film a video for it, print the CDs etc., She already has everything ready on NGUOL. All she has to do is promote it.

If it enters the top 10, its a blessing for Sophie. I don't see this charting higher than Bittersweet. But if it does, then she can release the album right after that.

If not, she'll probably have to record a song with David Guetta, release that first, include it on the album and then release the album.

Methinks UK will get all the Italian Remixes plus the old ones in the iTunes Bundle. I don't see a b-side for this single because it's a split single.

fran_cosmic_neon said...

Done! Still 3! Keep votinng you guys!

Anonymous said...

We Can Also vote for
the MTV Dance Chart


jenkins25 said...

I' m scared that on Facebook Sophie has Label: All Around The World... I think it' BAD label for her :/



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