Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two New Songs

Sophie uploaded two new songs on her MySpace sometime back...

Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, produced by Freemasons and Richard Biff Stannard is a brilliant club song which is very remix-y. Its got a dark sound. Whilst some consider this to be Sophie's new sound, i think its an improvement over her older dark disco songs - China Heart, Dear Jimmy and Move To The Music. Its more of a combination of the three..

The song begins with a blast (like most of the Freemasons songs and mixes). The deep bassline and groove go perfectly with the haunting tune. Although, i must say that i was expecting a lot more from this song. Sophie's vocals, as usual, are brilliant. She's stuck to what she's always been doing - a difficult tune made catchy. If the song had some muffled vocals and whispering i'd have definitely got goosebumps. Sadly though, it isn't there. And the tracklength is a little too long for the radio. 4:04!! I think the radio version will be a quick fade out @ 3:30.

The other song which she uploaded on her MySpace is Off & On, a song that has been on the internet for ages already, but by Roisin. After having listened to Roisin's version, loving it, getting bored of it and deleting it, i'm happy with what i heard on Sophie's version. Her vocals are crisp but sultry. Perfect feel for the song. Calvin really didn't change anything with the background musical arrangements. Its the same, but Sophie's vocals are the most pleasant change about the song. Roisin's version was good, but very nasal and after repeat listens i would tire of the song. Sophie has played around with her vocals on all pitches. The chorus is just sexy. And the conclusion of the song with the cut and looped verses is just genius.

Here's the links for download. Enjoy.

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